17 Places In Karachi That Serve The Best, Most Mouth-Watering Desi Food In The Whole Country

By Sajeer Shaikh | 4 May, 2017

We all love desi food. Sure, we love our burgers and pizzas, but at the end of the day, kuch desi hee khaane ka dil chahta hai. While restaurants in Karachi offer a wide range of international cuisines, there are many restaurants that serve a mouth-watering variety of Pakistani and Indian food in particular. In order to satiate your cravings, here are a few places in Karachi that are known to serve some pretty great desi food:


1. Zaoq (Dolmen Mall, Clifton)

If you’re in Dolmen Mall and don’t want to settle for the usual range of sandwiches, burgers or fast food in general, you can try out Zaoq. Though it opened up recently, it has garnered a lot of great reviews for its variety of desi food.


2. Kababjees

If you’re in Karachi and are looking for places to get your fix of some great desi dishes, Kababjees would definitely have to be one of the places that you should visit.

Source: Maaz Abbas / Facebook


3. Khanji

Khanji lays on the desi feels with its truck art themed interior. However, the food, too is exceptionally great and has been lauded by Karachi’s foodies.


4. Kolachi

Kolachi has some of the best desi food in the city. The aroma that wafts through the air is a testament to that, alongside Kolachi’s countless admirers. Besides, you get a breathtaking view while you dine. Doesn’t get any better.

Source: Kolachi Restaurant / Facebook


5. Rakaposhi

With its promise of delivering some of the most delicious desi cuisine the city has to offer, Rakaposhi has successfully been keeping its customers happy.

Source: Rakaposhi / Facebook


6. Cafeela

If you’re looking for ghar ke khaane ki feels, Cafeela would definitely be the restaurant that you need to try out. You get the comfort of a home cooked meal in a restaurant. Seems like a pretty good deal.

Source: Cafeela / Facebook


7. Mirchili

Sometimes, too much biryani or pulao makes you crave something lighter. That’s where Mirchili comes in.  Whether you’re craving chaat or dossas – Mirchili has got you covered with its wide range of desi cuisine.

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8. Gazebo

Though the outlet is small and not widely known, Gazebo serves some of the best chaat, sev puri and meethi puri Karachi has to offer. The food is light, fresh and not a huge burden on wallets.


9. BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is just one of the names you’ll think of at the top of your head when it comes to desi food. The restaurant has been around for ages and has maintained its reputation and standard for all these years. It’s still the go-to place for Sunday dinners, should one crave desi cuisine.

Source: BBQ Tonight / Facebook


10. Lal Qila 

If you’re looking for a place that will serve some great food and make you feel like royalty at the same time, Lal Qila is definitely the restaurant to visit.

Source: Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi / Facebook


11. Roadside Cafe

Sometimes, all we need alongside some great food is a cozy, quiet environment as a retreat. Snugly tucked within one of Clifton’s gallis, Roadside Cafe offers just that.

Source: Roadside Cafe Karachi / Facebook


12. Chatkharay

Chatkharay is as desi as it gets. The menu offers a wide range of local cuisine and is a combination of food that will leave you feeling full to the brim, and food that won’t make you feel too guilty for its consumption. It’s your call.

Source: Chatkharay / Facebook


13. Mehran Sajji

One of the more local eateries, Mehran Sajji is known primarily for its spicy, tarkay waala khaana that keeps customers flocking in from all over the city.

Source: Mehran Sajji / Facebook


14. Bolan Sajji

This is another one of the more renowned eateries in Karachi. Bolan Sajji serves deliciously mouth-watering food that leaves you completely satisfied by the end of the meal.

Source: Danial Shahid / Facebook


15. Zahid Nihari

This one’s for all the die-hard nihari lovers. Nihari ke liye Zahid Nihari should definitely be on your bucket list.

Source: Dani Khan / Facebook


16. Javed Nihari

The debate that tears many Karachiites apart is about which one’s better – Javed Nihari or Zahid Nihari. After trying out both – since Javed Nihari is equally delicious – you can be the judge of that.

Source: Javed Nihari  / Facebook


17. Rajdhani Delights

This is one of those few eateries in Karachi that’s keeping the thaali tradition alive. Those who have been to Rajdhani Delights will agree that it is a unique dining experience that leaves your taste buds satisfied.

Source: Rajdhani Delights / Facebook


If you’re looking to try desi cuisine in Karachi, you should definitely check out the eateries mentioned here. If you know of any restaurants that aren’t on this list, but should be – let us know in the comments below.

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