So Apparently, This Pakistani TV Show Host Looks Like A Desi Version Of Derek Shepherd From Grey's Anatomy And ??

By Momina Naveed | 11 Jun, 2018

Pakistan is a country of great beauty. From our mountains to our rivers and lakes; each and every nook and corner of our pyaara watan is more than enough to take people’s breath away. But the beauty doesn’t end just there; our men are no less. To prove this, we’ve just found a desi Derek Shepherd.


Source: ShondaLand

Just to back up a little – Derek Shepherd is a character played by Patrick Dempsey on the hit American show, Grey’s Anatomy.

If you’ve been following the show, or if you’re even mildly attracted to men, you’ll know that Derek was an absolute stunner on the show. The man was literally called McDreamy. And, I mean. It makes sense. The dude’s gorgeous.

Source: ShondaLand

Yeah, I think my heart just skipped a beat.

ANYWAY, back to focusing on the task at hand. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve found a desi lookalike. And he’s been hiding in plain sight for the longest time.

Via Tenor

Don’t believe us? Maybe this ad will jog your memory. And no – don’t base your judgment on the thumbnail of the ad. 

I took a few screenshots, because of course I did. And, I mean…

Source: AbbTakk

…that Derek Shepherd vibe is pretty evident.

Source: AbbTakk

Let’s compare. Derek Shepherd.

Source: ShondaLand

A guy I want to get to know ASAP.

Seriously though. WHO IS HE?

Source: AbbTakk


Source: ShondaLand


Source: AbbTakk

Phew okay. Need to fan myself to reduce the garmi up in here.

Source: 20th Century Fox television

Now, while this man is insanely good looking and very hard to look away from, I believe it’s worth taking note of the message he’s promoting, as well.

The few seconds long video is reinforcing what we all should have had engraved in the depths of our minds, by now: saving this world from the wrath of global warming. Planting a single tree can save us from thousands of “haye bijli ka bill kyun itna zyada hai?” and “Tauba yeh garmi!” type statements.

Source: AbbTakk

And honestly, for a country that’s the 7th most vulnerable to climate change, why are we waiting for things to get worse?

The constant heatwaves and increased temperatures are a testament to the fact that climate change is real. Plus, don’t you think it’s high time we show our planet some love? Afterall, it’s worth realizing that the Earth doesn’t need us, we need it. And it is incumbent upon us to leave it in a condition that’s favorable for not only our near future, but the future of our generations to come, as well.

We must begin to think about what we are leaving behind for our progeny. Planting trees seems like a pretty basic step, tbh.



Let’s listen to McKhwahish – if not the dozens of other warnings – and start taking the first step towards a better future. It shouldn’t even be contested. Karna hai toh karna hai. Case closed.

Source: Abbtakk


Khair, while we’re all going to start trying to save the planet, do let us know if you think this guy looks like McDreamy. And if you know who he is, all the better. Share your thoughts in the comments, y’all.


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