Pakistanis Are Talking About Annoying Questions Desi Aunties Always Ask And It's Epic

By MangoBaaz Studio | 28 Dec, 2017

Growing up in Pakistan has a special kind of charm. Between ammi ke haath ka khana and paros ki ghanti baja ke bhaag jana, there are a ton of awkward moments featuring desi aunty and uncles who know nothing about boundaries. Pakistani teenagers are discussing just that under the #ApnaSceneOnKaro hashtag on twitter and the responses are way too relatable.

Like the everyday rishta scenarios:


And the stress on parhai:

PS3 mil jaaye, parhai bhi hojaaye gi


Every aunty’s obsession with their Engineer son:


And the digital age distractions:


Classic ammi clapbacks:


The perfect response to give to nosy aunties:

Yep, auntyji aap apnay kaam se kaam raakhein.


Ufff…THAT mini heart attack:


10/10 Relatable:


Turns out, the campaign was a part of the new Scene On chips. Remember the famous Ali Gul Pir rap you haven’t been able to get out of your head? Yes? No? Maybe?

Here’s a refresher:

While the song is in good humor, it definitely incorporates everyday scenarios teenagers and millennials have to face at the hands of desi parents and rishtaydar. No wonder it got such a huge response. Celebrities loved the rap so much, they’ve even started a challenge.


Here’s one by Minal Khan:


And her adorbsies twin Aiman:


But the real winner will always be this young person:


What are some really epic and truly crazy questions desi aunties and uncles have asked you? Are there any funny, awkward, insane stories you have to share? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to munch on your favorite hoop and crush chips to wave all the worries away.

This post has been sponsored by Scene On.

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