18 Pieces Of Muft Ki Advice You've Definitely Received From Desi Aunties In Your Life

By Maha Butt | 30 Apr, 2018

Desi aunties play a huge role in our lives. You will always find them wherever their existence is not quite needed. For them, the advice they give is more superior than any medical, psychological, philosophical or practical reasoning. From totkay to matchmaking and to every phadda, they have an advice automatically manufactured and delivered

Here are a few pieces of advice desi aunties have given all of us at some point:


1.”Wazn zyada hogaya hai gym kia karo”

Source: Oriental Films

Thank you. That’s exactly what we want to hear.


2. “Rang kitna kharab karliya hai. Lemon lagao.”

Via: Tumblr

The world has moved forward, while they are still stuck on gora rang and pimples.


3. “Beta job karne ka kya faida ladki ko aage jaake ghar hi sambhalna hai.”

Source: IRK Films

The mop, duster and table cloth are definitely the tools for a successful life according to them.


4. “Mian ko qaabu mein rakho. Dosri biwi ley ayega.”

Source: deenga

For them, the masoom husbands are always on a second wife hunt. Yeh dosri shaadi karwa ke raheingi!


5. “Kaprey dhang se pehnna karo. Hum angraiz nahi hain.”

Acha, sorry.

Via: Tumblr


6. “Ghar ka kaam seekhna shuru kardo. Susraal mein kaise karogi?”

Always worrying about our future tough susraal routines more than our biological parents.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


7. Baal white hogaye hain, mehndi lagao.”

Source: Deenga

Taubaa baal dye nahin karte!! Ganji hojaogi! Mehndi is always the best hair color. – Every aunty ever.


8. “Saas agar kuch bole toh suna dena agay se”. 

Source: M.I.F Productions

Provoking the poor bahu to attack the saas with fists and a war of words.


9. Waisay zyada tez bhi nahi hona chahiye larkiyon ko, acha?”

Via: Tumblr

Thereby, instigating the saas for a counterattack on the susraali border.


10. “Dawat mein bazaar ka khana? Bazaar ke khane se bemaar hojate hain.”

Source: Hum Network Limited

On the other hand, you catch them with McChicken and Coke which of course is the hallmark of health.


11. “Sapphire aur Nishat ache hain but Faraz Mannan pehna karo.”

Via: Tumblr

Desi aunties hopping in on counterfeits whenever handed the opportunity.


12. “Haww apni age nahin batate!”

Via Tumblr

26 saal ke baad ladki buddhi hojati hai. Age chupaya karo! According to them, don’t ever tell rishta aunties your true age.


13. “Mujhe lagta hai tum pe jadu hua hai damm karao.” 

Via: Tumblr

The references of all peer sahabs to get the prospective churail ka saya off you is a must.


14. “Baal na khola karo jinn parr jayeinge.”

Source: tribune.com.pk

The Jinn, on the other hand, have quite a busy schedule rather than focusing on our hairstyles.


15. “Zamana bohot kharab hai shaadi foran karwado.”

Source: Deenga

Ladkian kharab hojayeingi taubaa! And the matchmaking process begins with desi aunty’s own desi boys.


16. “Doston ke ghar na bohat ziada jaya karo. Bura asar parhta hai.”

Source: ARY Films

Sleepovers just don’t make sense to desi aunties.


17. “Larkon se dosti na karna.”

Via Tumblr

Girls and boys will never be friends in their eyes. Kaun samjhaye inhe?


18. “Dance nahin karte. Behayai hai bilkul.”

Source: Hope Productions

I mean, it’s a means of expression, but okay. 


Desi aunties are an institution and phenomenon in themselves. It will take us centuries to stop them from giving their muft ki advice. Let us know how desi aunties add entertainment in your life.



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