We Just Found Out Some Very Interesting Details About DeepVeer Wedding Photos That You Probably Didn't Notice

By Arslan Athar | 16 Nov, 2018

Around 7:30 PM last night, we were all blessed with the wedding photos from the DeepVeer wedding at Lake Como, Italy.


After a wait of 2 whole hours from the originally told time we were finally graced by Deepika and Ranveer’s official shaadi photos

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram


Desis everywhere were overjoyed and didn’t know what to do with themselves. 

While some rejoiced, others handed out this savage reality check 

It truly was quite shocking to see Ranveer is normal clothing 

Some wondered how Deepika would be, post marriage

And yes, Bollywood has changed quite a bit when it comes to marriage


Now, we’ve all seen the two pictures that have come out, but maybe in all the madness, you missed out a couple of things, so let’s dive right in: 

First off, let’s look at Deepika’s red dupatta, on the day of the Sindhi marriage

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram

There’s a patti that has been embroidered with a sanskrit saying. It reads ‘Sada Saubhagyavati Bhava‘, which translates to ‘May you always be blessed and lucky as a married woman’. What a beautiful little touch to an already gorgeous bridal outfit.


Next, there has been quite a lot of murmur about a dazzling ring on Deepika’s finger. 

Source: @deepikapadukone / Instagram

The ring features a radiant cut diamond, with smaller cut diamonds on the side. The value of the ring is estimated to be around 2 CRORE INDIAN RUPEES (that makes it about 3.7 Crore Pakistani Rupees)!



Source: ASDA


Also, Deepika wore a gorgeous set of kaleerein. 

Kaleerein are usually worn by Punjabi brides but they definitely do add a regal feel to the entire outfit. The question however is, who did the kaleerein fall on? We have the answer for you:

Via Instagram


Now this entire post isn’t about Deepika (although there would be no harm in it being so), let’s talk a little about Ranveer

A little before the wedding, we had seen Ranveer in a fairly buff look

Source: @ranveersingh / Instagram


However, in the shaadi pictures, he looks much slimmer so there’s been chatter about the amount of weight he lost and we’ve got the answer

Source: @ranveersingh / Instagram

As more details of the wedding emerge, we’ve found out that Ranveer actually did go on a crazy keto diet to slim down for the wedding. Apparently, he had given his measurements before shooting for his upcoming film ‘Simmba’, however, he by the wedding rolled around, he had gained a lot of muscle. So to fit in, he had to lose a lot of mass.

The wedding was definitely a grand affair and one that will be remembered forever. The level of details put into this was just crazy! We cannot wait to see the pictures from the couple’s sangeet and ring ceremony. Also, not to worry, the shaadi is not over yet. The newlywed couple will fly back to India on the 19th of November, setting into motion a series of three reception events, with the last one being in Mumbai; and you know what that means- CELEBRITIES.


More Bollywood Actresses Are Getting Married And Here’s Why It’s Such A Good Thing



Deepika And Ranveer’s First Official Shaadi Pictures Are Here And They’re STUNNING




Cover image via: @deepikapadukone / Twitter

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