Deepika And Ranveer Are Officially Married Now, But Fans Only Have One Question

By Arslan Athar | 14 Nov, 2018

Deepika and Ranveer ki Shaadi has happened! Mubarak ya’ll


The day is here! It is the 14th of November and well, DEEPIKA AND RANVEER ARE NOW MARRIED!

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Sadkay Jao, Sada Khush Raho Dono!

Source: Telenor Pakistan


Celebrations kicked off last night with a mehndi and sangeet functions.

Multiple Indian publications are reporting on the details. In a summary; Ranveer played a dhol, he also went down on one knee, and this, of course, made Deepika cry. That’s all great and all, but like, there are NO photos of this and none have come out of the happenings in Italy right now.

To be totally honest, we’re getting a little impatient…

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And so are some of their fans

Like shaadi waadi hogayi, and there are NOOOO photos. Like nothing!


There is sadness for there being NO photos 

People have been waiting for so long but to no avail

There will be consequences for this ‘no photo’ business

The wait has been excruciating and it seems like it’s nowhere near done

The whole ‘hush hush’ thing is making people very anxious 

*crying* picture post karlooooo

Honestly, the last photo we saw of the couple was when they were leaving India for the wedding….

I just have a feeling that the wait is only going to get longer and more horrible to bare.

Again, bohat bohat mubarak ho Deepika and Ranveer! Haye! Still cannot believe you are married.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Deepika And Ranveer Just Confirmed They’re Getting Married In November




Ranveer Can’t Stop Going Tharki Over Deepika’s Latest Photos And Someone GET THEM A ROOM ALREADY



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