Deepak Perwani's Show Last Night Made Me Want To Cry, In The Best Possible Way

By Arslan Athar | 1 Oct, 2018

This past weekend saw Karachi playing host to Fashion Pakistan Week, in all its grandeur and glamor. Last night, the king himself, Deepak Perwani drew FPW to a close with a fantastic solo show. The show was at a private location, so everything about the show was different and new. The entire set up was meant to show a bridal room, with little details and props for the models to interact with.



The name of his collection was ‘Madhaniyan’ and was meant to be a tribute to the tradition and the culture of desi weddings.

It was also a celebration of the tradition of the ‘sola singhaar’, which was described as the 16 steps every bride has to perform to look ‘perfect’ on her wedding day, these include a bath, wearing jhumkas and a payal.  The show started with a beautiful shadow dance that showed all the sola singhaar. 


Then the show started…

Deepak Perwani had divided his show such that each segment was different and featured similar designs. The first to go up was his modern line.


Goldens were the color of the moment for the ladies, and royal blues featured on the boys.


Then came the reds. 

Now there’s weren’t clothes that were all red, these were looks that featured elements of the color. In this segment, almost every model carried a gorgeous block printed gold chaadar as they graced the ramp.


He had also paired every bridal look with a dulha, which was an adorable touch to put into the show.


As the show went on, there were two models standing on either side of the stage, acting out a scene with the props they had available. 


They were checking themselves out or looking over their outfits, making sure everything was perfect. They did this till their dulhas came through. The drama Deepak had put into it was just splendid. The dulhas would go up to the dulhans hold them and do a little intimate dance till it was their dance to take on the catwalk.


Then came the moment everyone has been raving about online; the little flower boy who walked in front of Mehwish Hayat. 

Again, this just goes to show the thought Deepak put into his show and how he wanted to celebrate the desi culture of the shaadi and everything that surrounds it. It was honestly so beautiful to see it all happen in front of my eyes.


Of course, his designs were AMAZING, but the whole show he’d built around it was the thing that made his solo show truly unforgettable. 

Everything was so perfectly choreographed, from the lighting to the music; the theme of the ‘shaadi’ was clear. Sound wise; he’d picked songs that truly define our shaadis, there were tappay, rukhsati songs and fun upbeat music too.


Deepak Perwani definitely achieved what he set out to do; celebrate the Pakistani culture of weddings and celebration. His show was more than just his clothes, it was about how we celebrate and get together. Deepak Perwani’s show just goes to show how he’s the king and will always remain the king.


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