These Are The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs For A Libra, According To Astrology

By Hurmat Riaz | 27 Sep, 2017

Libra Bacho, ye hain aap ke bae!

Being generally characterized as gentle and calm beings, this air sign has a knack for keeping balance in all aspects of their life, and in doing so, they sometimes end up feeling stressed because of course, you are only human as you cannot keep everyone happy. Nevertheless, these are the zodiacs that would prioritize you and make their life goal to keep you happy.

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If you have a Gemini partner, then it’s a match made in heaven because both of you are air signs. And you’ll both be giving room and ‘air’ to each other so you both can breathe in your own space. Your initial romantic honeymoon phase can be like something out of a Nicholas Sparks book, a romance that never ends but the real challenge comes when the reality strikes.

Gemini is better at handling finances and all the managerial staff. A clash might arise as Libras are more inclined towards being dreamy and idealistic about the values they hold close to themselves.

Here, you both need to deal with this matter maturely and make your relationship work, because otherwise there’s always going to be tension between you two. So keep it simple and be there for each other and find beauty in each other’s differences.


Libra likes to take things slow and at their own pace but Leo being the fire sign likes to take things passionately and sometimes gets pushy in the relationship. But despite this huge contrast, Libra and Leo’s relationship is considered the most romantic one among all the zodiacs.

A Leo and Libra relationship has a lot of romantic gestures like love songs, getting flowers and chocolates for each other. You both will try to stretch out this honeymoon period as long as you can but the struggles arise when Leo wants to keep the fire alive and Libra procrastinates in revealing their emotions which can lead to some resistance in the relationship. If you’re unable to work things out, it’s better that you stay as friends instead of being partners.


Since Libra is more inclined towards staying in their own ideal world, Sagittarius helps them get their head out into the real world.

Sagittarian’s sarcastic wit keeps Libra’s romance alive and vibrant but when it comes to being sound and saving the day. This can also turn into a conflict because Libra’s dream world may not agree with reality, which can lead to sudden outbursts at unforeseen places.


Both of them are air signs. And they can hit it off pretty well right at the beginning of the relationship. You both have similar tastes in food in music which might sound boring but Aquarius’s adventurous nature keeps it exciting all the time.

You might think that things are getting mellow at some point but you both work it out eventually by surprising each other every other day in your own quirky manner. Your friends envy your bond because it’s an amalgam of affection and attraction all the time. You both excel in making each other comfortable so your life becomes a joy ride that can take you to the stars.

So, astrology says that these are the most compatible signs for a Libra, but then again, you never know what works for you.

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