Dear Imran Khan, These Racist Remarks You Just Gave Are A Low Blow

By Arslan Athar | 7 Mar, 2017

This past Sunday the PSL final brought back cricket to Pakistan and we all just couldn’t be happier 🙂

The whole event was even dubbed the Eid Ul PSL Final by some on twitter.

Pakistan was overjoyed because despite all the odds.

International cricket was here and we all couldn’t be happier

Now, regardless of Imran Khan’s criticism of the PSL final happening in Lahore (which was understandable)

We thought he’d be a bit more positive after Peshawar’s victory

Sadly, Imran Khan fell short of his expectations and rather gave a press conference FILLED with racial slurs.

Where he could have used the mauka to make a powerful statement, he chose to play some politics sadly 🙁

Here is the unfortunate video:

If you don’t want to watch it, allow me to break it down for you:

  1. All the players that actually did turn up to play the final were all ‘phateechar’ in Imran’s eyes
  2. He literally said ‘Aisay lag raha tha ke Africa se players utha kar layein thay!’ Yup!
  3. He doesn’t think that the players that played the final were exceptional. They were average people, nothing too great!

So yeah, THAT happened…

For many, he’s still the face of Pakistani cricket but after this statement, but I mean come on. This statement has the effect of partially undermining the efforts of people like Javed Afridi and Shahid Afridi who convinced players to come to Pakistan. He negated the ENTIRE event in a few words. Where the whole nation is actually happy (cricket and non-cricket fans alike) he chose to come in and sour the situation.

Twitter didn’t take well to the news at all

His legacy was called into question

And really, this is embarrassing for us as a nation.

It’s like he wants to mess with our happiness on purpose

Then there’s this…

When you’re a man of considerable stature and influence you choose your words wisely, something Imran Khan did not do today sadly

And well Mr. Khan this is what you get when you ruin the little good news we received as a country after some rough days

Mr. Khan, we should all learn to appreciate the good work happening in the country, even if it’s being done by our rivals. At the end of the day, aren’t we all striving for the betterment of the same country? Let your ego aside and give credit where its due. And also:


Cover Photo Courtesy: Voice Of Journalists

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