11 Times Scenes From “Dastaan” Were Literally Pieces Of Actual Art

By Astarte | 20 Nov, 2017

Dastaan is a piece of art in itself

Our dramas really are the prime definition of aesthetics. They’re so beautifully laid out and so intricately carved, more often than not you’ll be watching an entire serial that has been unfurled as a constant visual masterpiece throughout – moving art really. Cinematography and directors’ grip on bringing forth the perfect aesthetics in scenes are often underlooked in the drama realm, with canvases dappled and splashed with paint. One particular drama is ‘Dastaan,’ with scenes so exquisitely daubed, they were beholding marvels.


Hassan’s Subconscious

Bano and Hassan have long been separated amidst the rising pre-partition war, yet Hassan often finds himself hallucinating Bano, feeling her presence eerily so. The new woman in his life, Rabia is soon to wed him, and in this particular scene, we see Hassan approach Rabia from behind, only to envision Bano. The scene spectacularly blurs into focus a spookily looking Bano, who continues to haunt Hassan; he cannot forget her, nor can he move on.


The ending scene of Dastaan

The sheer look of terror on Bano’s mother as she tries to kill her own daughter, to save her from the hands of Sikh rioters. If you really think about this particular moment, you’ll realize how gloriously simple it is – it’s just a close up of Samina Peerzada’s Oscar-winning face. Nothing else is needed really, to depict such an emphatic few seconds.


Hassan declaring his love

Hassan’s profession of undying love for Bano comes as quite the surprise to Bano, amidst a wedding. Here he tells her he loves her more than life itself – to which she dashes away after having leaned on a tree beside her; Hassan rests his hand where she laid her own.

Bano’s farewell for Hassan in Dastaan

Bano fell incredibly quick and hard for Hassan. Their moments are few and incredibly tender before Hassan has to leave for work. This is the first time we truly see Bano break down – she really does love Hassan, and cannot fathom his departure. She’s left a lifeless statue at their last meeting (this would be their last meeting together before the riots rip them apart).

Stolen glances

A recurring theme throughout ‘Dastaan,’ the stolen glances on the rooftops breathe a supple romance like any other. There aren’t any dialogues; just longing oozing out Hassan and Bano’s eyes as they hold lanterns in such beautiful moment of clarities.


Wistful longing

Hassan’s awe as he watches his love pray. It’s simple, yet wonderfully projects their love in a grand manner.



The bittersweet reunion of lost lovers of Dastaan

This is the first time Hassan and Bano reunite after years apart. Bano is n0 longer herself, having been kidnapped and raped, forcibly giving birth to a child she cannot love. She is left broken, and as fate has it, stumbles into Hassan’s life once more. Their reunion is tearing.


Twilight Rendezvous

The far more summery moments, Bano’s collisions with Hassan before their separation was art in itself, time and time again.


Peace within a dream

Bano’s subconscious too, brims with Hassan, just as Hassan’s. This meeting takes place in one of Bano’s dreams – and is the only peace she can soak in. Her dreams are her escape from agony loss and incredible pain.


Hushed promises of Dastaan

As opposed to standing directly parallel to his true love, Bano, there is always a distinct distance between Hassan and Rabia. Nonetheless, their discrete meetings in the tranquility of nights are nothing short of vividly very romantic.


Relief with the divine in Dastaan

Hassan is a broken man after Bano is no longer the woman he fell for; her words frighten him, and he seeks refuge in the Divine – as many do when all hope is lost.


Which is your favorite scene from ‘Dastaan?’ Isn’t it such an aesthetically brilliant drama?


Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You Whether You’re More Like Bano Or Suraiyya From “Dastaan”


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