25 Images For Everyone Who's Obsessed With Danish Taimoor And Ayeza Khan’s Beautiful Couple

By Sarah Babar | 28 Aug, 2017

Danish Taimoor and Ayeza Khan are perhaps one of the most sought-after couples in the Pakistani media industry. They seem to have this sweet chemistry together and it’s legit the cutest thing ever. Speaking of the cutest thing ever, they also have an adorable, adorable daughter, Hoorain. Together, they make a perfect picture family.

Source: @aizakhanayeza / Instagram


People go crazy to get a glimpse of them together, and we’re just trying to help. We’ve got together some images of the dream couple together, and it’s okay, we’re also saying MashaAllah over and over again


1. For starters, look at how cute they are together

#HoorainDanish #ayezakhan #Danishtaimoor ?? #babyhoorain

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2. Car selfies are a must…obviously ~


3. And then this Kodak moment!

#HoorainDanish #ayezakhan #Danishtaimoor ?? #babyhoorain

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4. Aw man, look at the little babyyy

Happy Sunday! ? – #aizakhan #ayezakhan

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5. And look at their desi-Western yin and yang

Beautiful Couple ? – #aizakhan #ayezakhan

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6. All natural, all adorable

#Glamour_ki_dunya #love #level ???#ayezakhan

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7. Ek second ek second ek second. Look at how fierce they look!

Couple shoot By #Akifillyas #AyezaKhan #danishtaimoor #LovelyCouple❤️

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8. Ugh this is just so cute!

Posting this one again ❤ Bcuz wasn't done with editing stuff. Guys you gotta bear it a bit . . || #ayezakhan #aizakhan ||

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9. We don’t know how they can switch from adorable to fierce to just plain cute


10. And such Frozen, with their littol Elsa!

Beautiful family!? – Throwback to Ayeza's birthday celebration✨ #Aizakhan #ayezakhan #danishtaimoor #hooraintaimoor

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11. And a straight up casual family pictureeee

#ayezakhan#danishtaimoor #hooraindanish #❤?#tb#2ndanniversary#family

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12. Don’t know about you, but they can pretty much carry anything off


13. If this is what they wear for Jumma, we can’t wait for Eid


14. Such princess vibes, much wow

They're Family Goals! ❤ – #aizakhan #ayezakhan #familygoals

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15. Just


16. Look

How cute is this family selfie!❤️#ayezakhan#danishtaimoor#hooraintaimoor

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17. At


18. Them

Our very own Rahul and Anjali! ?❤️? #DDLJ #danishtaimoor #ayezakhan

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19. Together

#Ayeza #AyezaKhan #aizakhan #danishtaimoor ??????

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20. They’re

#Ayeza #AyezaKhan #aizakhan #danishtaimoor ??????

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21. Just



Familia❤ ~ #ayezakhan #ayezadanish #danishtaimoor #family #familia #familygoals #love

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23. Cute

#ayezakhan #danishtaimoor with #hooraindanish #family ❤️

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24. Like we can’t even


25. Not one bit

throwback to when Ayeza and Danish went to Dubai! beautiful click of the couple❤ #aizakhan #ayezakhan #danishtaimoor

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Always stay amazing, you two! Shine on <3


Cover image via arynews.tv

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