All The Things You Hear If You're A Pakistani Guy Who Decides To Keep Daari

By Arslan Athar | 28 Aug, 2017

Facial hair is quite a mystery. For some people daari aati hi nahin hai, and for some it just doesn’t stop. If you have the latter type of facial hair, you know that shaving is a constant nuisance. In fact sometimes while shaving you’d think to yourself, ‘wouldn’t it be easier to just have a beard’.

If you say it to yourself enough times you’ll stop shaving, but people will have stuff to say :


1. ‘Kya yaar, Maulvi ban gaye?’ 

Okay then. Overreaction much.

Source: MangoBaaz


2. ‘Looks like someone forgot to shave today’ 

‘Looks like someone forgot to mind their own business today’ is the only rational reaction to that.

Source: IRK Films


3. ‘Wah jee, bacha jawaan hogaya

Seems like people just love to overreact.

Source: MangoBaaz


4. ‘Can I be honest? It doesn’t suit you’.

Do note how you DIDN’T ask this person for their advice.

Source: IRK Films


5. ‘OMG it suits you so much’.

*cue intense confusion*

Via: Tumblr


6. Your mom will probably say something like ‘Abhi tum kuch baray hojao, phir daari rakh lena’.

You could be 40 and your mom will still say the same.



7. ‘Oh I didn’t recognize you there’ 

I didn’t get freaking plastic surgery. Also, this is just the beginning. What will you do when the beard is out in all its glory.

Via: Tumblr


8. ‘I have always wanted to see how you’d look like in a beard’ 

‘Okay, slightly creepy but here it is. Take a look.’

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9. ‘If you pull this off, bachiyaan pagal hojaein gi‘ 

Hehehehehe *strokes beard*

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


10. ‘Let me tell about this lotion I use for my beard’ 

Clearly people are more excited about your beard than you are. Along with ‘honest opinions’ and compliments you’ll get loads of totkas too.

Via: Deenga


11. ‘MashAllah ye tou sunnat hai’.

You probably already know this, but still a million people will tell you. It will be irritating but whatever you do, don’t pluck out your growing beard out of frustration.



Beards are pretty cool, if only just kept quiet when someone decides to grow one out. Magar hum Pakistani hai, aur bolna tou zarori hai. 


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