Here's Why We Need To Appreciate The Police For Their Arrests On Crimes Against Transgender People

By Haadia Paracha | 15 Nov, 2016

More often than not, minority rights in Pakistan are in a sorry state. If recent incidents serve as a measure, there has been a spike in transgressions and acts of violence against the transgender community, Alesha’s case being one of marked neglect in a series of cases that are forgotten or remain unreported.


One case of harassment against the transgender community, however, has seems to have been avenged.

Source: The Nation

A grotesque video surfaced on the interwebs where someone who seems like a gang leader in Sialkot, later identified as Jajja Butt, was seen flogging a member of the transgender community. There is an obvious unrest around the scene with terrified transgender members and other gang members trying to put an end to this heinous act. While all this abuse was recorded on camera, it has since been shared thousands of times on Facebook through multiple pages. Many asked for the said individuals to be brought to justice.


Social media went ablaze with calls for justice:


The police has responded fairly quickly and arrested ten personnel involved in this act.

Source: Bigstory.ap
Source: Bigstory.ap

TransAction Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a local transgender rights group petitioning for transgender rights in Pakistan has also posted a video interview with Jolie, another transgender woman present at the scene. According to the video, several men barged in their residence, torturing them for hours before and after the said flogging. Four trans women, Adeeba, Dillagi, Hina, Adil and Shanaya were abducted as a consequence.


Jajja Butt was seen giving the following statement in police custody regarding his disgusting behavior:

“I was punishing him because he didn’t refrain from his bad habits, which I pointed out to him several times”

Along with Jajja Butt, other members of the ‘Tinda Group’ are also in custody on crimes of extortion. According to another media source, Tinda Group had forbidden the transgender community to be a part of any social gatherings without its permission, which is what caused this episode.

Whatever the reason might be, we’re absolutely horrified that this occurred and appreciate that justice has been served. And that too, timely.


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