Cricketer Fawad Alam Is Making His Acting Debut And It Looks Like The Boy's Playing Well In His New Career

By Rameeza Ahmad | 15 Apr, 2019

Well, at least Fawad Alam will get SOME kind of exposure from this. 

Fawad Alam’s cricket career isn’t doing too well. He has repeatedly been overlooked during selection for international tournaments. And maybe that’s why Fawad decided to look at other career opportunities and has decided to try his hand at acting.


Fawad Alam is all set to make an appearance in a drama serial called ‘Ghar Damaad’ which airs on PTV Home.


A lot of people are a little upset that Fawad had to turn to the entertainment industry since his talents as a sportsman have been so severely overlooked.

It doesn’t feel like Fawad is going to be a recurring character on the television show. From the promo of the show, it just seems like he’s making a guest appearance on the series as himself. And honestly, that doesn’t prove that he’s turning to acting as a full time career, just yet.

In the show, his car breaks down in front of a random house and the inhabitants of the house find out he’s Fawad Alam and try to make money by selling meet and greet tickets but it all backfires. To find out more you’ll have to watch the actual episode when it airs this week. It’s a comedy show and the episode seems pretty funny.


Honestly, props to Fawad for exploring his options and expanding his horizon after not being able to make breakthrough with cricket

If he isn’t getting his due share of recognition in cricket, might as well try his hand at other lucrative career options. People seem to be excited about Fawad’s acting debut.

Hey, as long as Fawad Alam himself is happy with the direction his life is taking, it’s all good. And let’s see if his acting chops are as good as his cricket game. And if they are, hopefully, he won’t be overlooked in this industry as he has been in the cricket team.

And if acting is something Fawad wants to do, we wish him good luck!

You can watch the promo for the show here:

What do you think of Fawad Alam’s acting chops? Let us know in the comments below.


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