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19 Images That Show Just How Crazy Lightning In Karachi Was Last Night

19 Images That Show Just How Crazy Lightning In Karachi Was Last Night

Last night, Karachi experienced one of the of freakiest thunderstorm of the season and when on one hand people were scared to death, some took the chance to take coolest pictures ever of the light show.

Here are some of the pictures from last night to make you marvel at nature’s ability to create havoc.

Source: @mashaal_m47 / Twitter

Source: Abubaker Sheikhani / Facebook

It’s like out of some horror movie.

Kudrat ??⛈#karachi #pakistan #rain #karachirain #thunder

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The sky was lavender at one point

Source: Abubaker Sheikhani / Facebook

And then it was purple *_*


Then it was pink at some point.

Via: Twitter


Basically, every color you can think for the sky, it lit that way


Scary AF


But it was also majestic at the same time

Via: Twitter


Scary and majestic


Perfect weather for a cup of tea or coffee and some warm cake <3 hayeee.

And don’t forget some good music.

Source: Gizri Is My City / Facebook


This is going to be my wallpaper till the next best picture surfaces

#karachirain #barish #lighting #thunder

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Garaj baras sawan phir ayeo

Listening to this on repeat lekin Ali Azmat wala. *lol acha sorry*

One hell of a night ?⚡ #thunderstorm #karachi #alishahphoto

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So. Beautiful. *_*

Source: Imran Rasheed Photography / Facebook


*insert haunting quote about nature’s wrath*


That one streak of lightning jo dil cheer day

Oh Karachi. #lightning #karachi #nofilter

A post shared by Muhammad Raheel (@raheelbobby) on


Karachi, not making fun of you again. Sachii mein.

#karachirain #thunderstorm #lastnight #cloudsoundsvol

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Yo Karachi, your sky is amazing but please don’t be horrifying

Source: Hassan Abbas Photography and Films / Facebook


Thunderstorms and lighting are nature’s way of making you believe that even the darkest night can be turned into some majestic experiences if you just hold on and keep on looking for a streak of light in your heart. So, keep on looking for that streak of light and never stop believing.

Do you have any pictures from last night’s storm, Karachiites? Share with us in the comments.


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