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13 Of The Most Epic Shaadi Celebrations In Pakistan, Ever

13 Of The Most Epic Shaadi Celebrations In Pakistan, Ever

13 Of The Most Epic Shaadi Celebrations In Pakistan, Ever

Desi people sure do love weddings. And we sure do know how to celebrate the union between a man and woman. So what if they don’t necessarily love each other? That is secondary. The main thing is the festivities. And we are the undisputed kings at that. You get to see all sorts of stuff at desi weddings. There are crazy dances. Some solid fireworks. At times theatrical performances. Loads of stuff. It’s a circus of sorts at times. As a tribute to our unique culture, we’ve compiled a list of all the times desis just lost it at weddings.

Here are some of the most epic desi wedding shenanigans:


1. Remember the time this guy went full Triple H at his wedding?

Let’s just hope this guy’s obsession with WWE is limited to the entrance part.


2. Then there’s this shaadi that has to be the most gangsta wedding ever

It’s almost like a rap video.

On a serious note however someone can get hurt. Say no to hawai firing.


3. This totally NSFW performance showed how a mehndi dance is done

Well, that escalated rather quickly. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that guests don’t overstay their welcome.


4. And this molvi sahab has some killer moves


5. These guys took the chicken dance to a whole new level


6. And here’s our very own burning man


7. This guy takes it up a notch with his theatrics


8. We are living in 2017 while this guy is in 3017


9. There’s the time when this bachelor party went a little too far

Not sure if bachelor party or wedding.


10. And this guy who went full Shakespeare right there


11. This dude’s another murgha enthusiast


12. Now this is what you call a rukhsati


13. And finally, this tube light dance is the real deal

If you have any more bizarre wedding instances, share in the comments below.


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