I Asked My MangoBaaz Coworkers About Their Favorite Dish In Lahore & Here's What They Said

By Urfa Bhatti | 1 Aug, 2018

Don’t forget to tell us what your favorite dish in Lahore is

Every now and then we come across a dish at a particular restaurant that is so amazing that we get obsessed with it. We go back to the restaurant time and time again, order just that particular dish until it becomes “our usual order”.

Curious about what my coworker’s favorite dish in Lahore, I asked them what it is and where can I find it. If you do end up trying these dishes let us know in the comments below, or better yet, leave a review of your experience on Hungerist (or use the app to help you find restaurants around you).



7/10 would say he’s trolling but this Targaryen is rather serious.



Wasabi prawns from Wasabi are the fiery appetizer you need in your life.

Find it on Hungerist.



As per the name of the establishment, Opium Chinese & Thai serves some addictive food (disclaimer: narcotic free). Amar’s recommendation: Oyster Chicken.

Find it on Hungerist.



Nothing says desi Chinese like Chicken Manchurian, as per Aun’s recommendation, try a batch from Arcadian Cafe.

Find it on Hungerist.



Ooo Korean food. Apart from the Sea Food Pancake, The Udon House has other great finds like Bibimbab and Bulgogi too. And that spicy kimchi is something you have to have.

Check it out on Hungerist.



Ha Arsalan, we want it too! The Three Cheese Panini from Thanda Garam is an excellent choice, even for picky eaters.

Check it out on Hungerist.



Picture this: Garama garm anday wala burger with a generous side of fries topped with chat masala and limbo. Rozaa lag raha hai yaar.



Gun Smoke steaks are a classic. With the high turn over rate of restaurants in this city, it’s great to have a place that’s been consistently serving killer steaks (that are not khottay ka gosht fo’ sure) for over a decade.

Check it out on Hungerist.



Galitos serves flame-grilled chicken marinated in South African flavors. If you’re wondering what those may be, bro you gotta try it for yourself. Ab sub kuch to hum nahi bata saktay.

Check it out on Hungerist.


Adeel Butt

Adeel Butt recommends Butt Karahi but wants you to know that he has no connection with the place, don’t let the name fool you.



Haadia and I are on the same page, Sumo is amazing. They’ve got some of the best teppanyakis in the city for the price point. The Habichi chicken is just as amazing as the Angus. Bonus points to Sumo for their excellent customer service and complimentary drinks and desserts.

Check it out on Hungerist.



Though technically this is not a dish, who am I kidding? Being desi, we all love our naans and make complete meals out of them especially when they are piping hot and adorned with sesame seeds. Whether you like to dip yours in raita or have them alongside chai, Defense Cub makes magical naans, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and they persevere the test of time. Basically, you can have them even the next day and they’re still hard to pull away from.






Yasser recommends beef Pepperoni pizza from both Rinas and Delish.

Check them out on Hungerist.


Urfa (me)

Bamboo Union gets the closest to recreating authentic Thai street-style Pad Thai that hits all the right flavor notes in proportion- sweet, savory, tangy and spicy. I have been to this joint countless times and refuse to order anything other than Pad Thai. Sumo’s spicy salmon sushi is also top notch if kachi machi is your thing.

Check them out on Hungerist.



Adeel recommends desi machi with tarkay walay chawal from Alkhair Resturant in Samanabad.


Ali Gul

As you can tell by his expression, Ali Gul was not at all pleased with this exercise because it reminded him how hungry he was. Confining oneself to just a single dish was rather hard, so Gul listed some of the dishes that he finds remarkable in this remarkable city.

Great list Gul, now we’re craving desserts from the Urban Kitchen too. Let us know your favorite dish in Lahore under the comments. Happy eating friends.


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