This Couple Posted Their Shaadi Video. Then Received Outrageous Hate Comments. But Why?

By Ramsha Bhatti | 23 Sep, 2018

Weddings hold a special place in our culture, like any other, and is a time of great celebration that so many people look forward too (hopefully hehe). There is love in the air, old memories mingling with newer ones and a perfect balance of anxiety mixed with excitement.

While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across one such couple celebrating their marital union in a beautiful way

The video was endearing and I shared it with my friends to show them what I planned to do during my wedding photo shoot. Since I was an overexcited ball of joy, I decided to drop a comment to acknowledge how cute this video was, while also gushing over how beautiful the bride was.

To my utter disappointment, the comments section left me flustered

Maybe it was my naivety to the internet behavior of certain individuals. Or maybe I missed out on something, so I decided to rewatch the video but found nothing. I couldn’t figure out what had triggered this person to an extent that they decided to spew so much hate.

Sadly, other comments were no different than the one aforementioned

source: Instagram

I was still utterly confused. What was besharam in a couple dancing during their photo shoot? Was I still leaving out any detail? “Maslah kahan hai? Kya hua hai?” were the questions I kept asking myself.

source: Instagram


I assume some commenters realized that the groom was maybe feeling “left out” and dragged him into the hate comments as well

source: Instagram

Just because the groom decided to enjoy his wedding and, “sadly”, did not comply with the norms these haters had in mind, he suddenly deserved all of this hate.

source: Instagram

As long as he is minding his own business and is not being judgemental over a stranger’s post for no good reason, I wouldn’t mind it agar wo hero bann bhe raha hai tou.

The comment which actually compelled me to reach out to the bride was this:

source: Instagram

To be honest, this comment actually enraged. Are you serious? Have you seen how gorgeous she looks! After finally getting sick of all the unnecessary hate, I decided to talk to the bride myself and ask her about the entire ordeal.


I already had in mind that she would be unwilling to cooperate or talk to me given the crap she and her husband were receiving given this social media post, which was apparently going viral. With little hope, I dropped the bride an introductory message and then one filled question about how the entire situation was making her feel to get to know the impact of such social media bullying.


Surprisingly and fortunately, she was completely cool about it. Sara, the bride in the video, was glad that someone had realized how problematic a huge majority of the comments were and wanted to talk about it as openly as possible.

Talking to Mangobaaz, Sara deplored that it was sad to see how people were spewing so much hate on an occasion which was so dear and special to them. 

It’s sad to see the kind of hatred people have for the other and on especially their special day/moments. I don’t understand why are they so hypocrites? Not that no one dances on desi weddings. And I”m sure a lot of people don’t know that this wasn’t even planned or prepped up, it was so spontaneous that Irfan (their photographer) played this song and in between the shoot we started enjoying ourselves. We didn’t do it for the video as we weren’t even aware of it! Damn I’m sure I have a lot to say but sometimes I feel it’s not worth it.”


It was evident that the comments did disappoint her but she wasn’t letting it get under her skin too much.

Imagine having such cute spontaneous moments with your significant other on your big day being mocked and scrutinized by strangers all over social media. 

Sara could not understand where the issue was, and neither could I. What was problematic with the entire situation that people could call them besharam and chichoray? Just for the sake of argument, I showed the video to my parents who tend to be disapproving of Mehendi dances thinking them to be unnecessary, and they loved the video themselves. Which brought me back to my original thought, masla kya hay yaar?


We fly all the way to Pakistan for our big day, maybe that’s what went wrong or we should been just a sharmila couple to make others happy, ” Sara tells me.


It’s 2018 and I am sad to see that women are still bringing women down.


Let us know what you think in the comments section.


Congrats to the couple on their wedding.

Source: Instagram / The Syle Foward
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