Common Struggles of New Freelancers That You Need to Know

By Aam Nawab | 9 Oct, 2023

Freelancing is often portrayed as one of the best types of work, but its challenges are usually not very fascinating. Yes, you are your own boss but what about procrastination? Meeting deadlines is definitely the scariest idea when there is no boss around. So, before you break free from the nine-to-five rat race and create an account on an online job portal, consider these few things.



Freelance content writers

A content writer’s struggles will be quite relatable because almost everyone is a content writer these days. Now imagine writing on a topic you have no idea about but still writing it because of paisa. Dealing with writer’s block is no joke but at least it helps you pay your bills. Of course, I’m not talking about Bijli ka bill.

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Freelance photographers

Apart from hardly having any good photos of themselves, freelance photographers often get paid a little late. And a voice screams every time someone requests a free shoot: NOOOOO! It’s also sad when people give all the credit to the camera’s lens when it’s you taking the best shots using your lens.


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Wah, kya acting hai!

A dreamy and fantasized image of actors is one thing. We call them stars and superstars but I’m not talking about them. Have you ever wondered what extras and supporting actors go through? Quite a lot. Firstly, there are hardly any chances of becoming superstars so their life is all about finding work once their passion settles a bit. There is no such thing as a fixed income; as a supporting actor, there will be hundreds of other options if you decide to leave a project. No, there won’t be options for you, options only for the production house is what I’m trying to say. The choice is yours!


Online tutors 

Now this is a bit different from working as a tuition wali baaji. I said different not easy. While a tuition wali baaji might not have to find students, an online tutor will have to be really good at convincing students through a short bio. As a Pakistani online tutor, you must keep your devices charged and your internet connection strong because light pata nahi kab chali jaaye.


In a nutshell, freelancing is amazing but the challenges are crazy.

Author: Nisma Saeed
Instagram Handle: nismasaeed_

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