Comedian Faiza Saleem Gave A Giant Fuck You To Haters At Her Wedding And It Was Absolutely Amazing

By Biya Haq | 26 Dec, 2018

Wedding season? She just owned it.

Most brides find themselves super composed and subdued on their weddings. It’s not like they don’t have fun, but falling in with tradition, many take the role of ‘sharmeeli dhulan’ and sit still and sit pretty.

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Most of the time this is because our ‘Log kya kahein gaye‘ voodoo wisdom kicks in. Except for this year, one bride came right out and said it.

Comedian Faiza Saleem just posted about her experience as a bride, how she made it her own and how she didn’t give a FUCK about what anyone thought. Except for her mama.

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I had decided to have the most fun at my wedding. I asked my mom for her approval and after that I didn’t really care ke log kya kahenge. I added conditions to my nikkahnama (based on a mutually respectful conversation with my husband to be)..I hosted and performed at my shadi’s comedy night and had my comedian friends roast me(maybe that wasn’t the best idea). I entered dancing with Abuzer and friends at our mehndi and danced throughout with my sneakers on. As women we are expected not to be happy at our wedding. But why not? I’m marrying the love of my life..everyone who matters is happy for me or should be happy for me. Then why should I let nobodies dictate when, where and how I should express my emotions? If someone doesn’t like it, then too bad too sad. Tomorrow I will marry Abuzer iA and I pray that we continue to be happy together because you know what? Happy brides make everyone else happy too. Allhamdullilah. Please send us prayers and good vibes. #faizerforever #af2018 #abuzer #faizasaleem #weddingseason #karachi

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Faiza has always held her own on the comedic scene. Breaking barriers and stereotypes, she is truly a character and her description as a bride was perfectly fitting.

Not only did she basically just toss a middle finger for anyone who didn’t approve 0f her having actual fun at her own wedding, but she also pointed out that she changed certain clauses in her Nikkahnama, wore sneakers, danced all night and even hosted a roast on herself.

Not sure about the roast but the rest of it sounded like a pretty good time, and it seems as though Pakistanis agree.

Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


vSource: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram


Source: @faizasaleem90 Via Instagram

A lot of brides are slowly making their weddings their own and with more positive messages like this from people with public platforms, hopefully, the old and constricting ways will slowly fade away.

Have you been keeping up with the wedding? Just in case you haven’t, Jibraan Nasir was there and he danced.

And it was adorable.

Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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