Comedian Ali Gul Pir Just Opened Up About His Parents' Divorce And Its Impact On Him In His New Spoken-Word Song

By Manahil | 21 Apr, 2019

Comedian Ali Gul Pir just got real serious


Ali Gul Pir has never failed to make us laugh

The most recent shenanigan you’ve probably heard about was the infamous anday wala burger.


The super funny comedian has just shown a different side of himself with his new spoken-word rap/poem mashup about his divorced parents


As you can imagine, the whole thing was pretty heartbreaking and extremely brave of Ali to share with the world

He starts off with, “I’m sorry I wasn’t enough, that you had to start off fresh”. Although it’s about his parent’s divorce, the lyrics are aimed more towards his father. He calls out his father and says he “got a new wife and kids”. And starts to compare himself with his father’s new son… “Do you listen to him talking?”, Ali asks. “Not like you did with me – really listen to him talking?”. This is so hard to listen to, it allows us to see the sheer reality of problematic households and the extent that a child can be neglected. Even with respect to Ali’s education, he asks his father “Do you go to meet his teacher like you never did for me.” And goes on to say, “My teacher, was my pain.”


The worst thing is, the song reveals that a part of him still blames himself for hid parents’ separation

And with everything that happened, he asks his father, “If it was worth it”? Ali says, “I wish I had enough guts to look at you in the eyes and say I’m sorry – I wasn’t enough.” I hope no child ever feels responsible for the relationship between their parents. Ali even adds, “When I need to feel a bit better, I imagine I am enough for you, that I actually matter, and all of this is a bad dream, you’re not a monster, you’re not mean.” It goes to show how badly he wants to know the reasons for his father leaving because until he knows them, he will think it was something he did.

The other part of Ali does realize that it’s not his fault, “For years I thought it was my fault, but now I realize you’re just a selfish man.” But, somehow, he goes back to blaming himself and says “maybe it was me”.


But, we’re not the only ones crying


I spoke with Ali about what made him release the song now, after he’d grown up

He told me, “I think what made me wait this long is the fact that this is something you deal with all your life. What happened was, 5-6 years back, I started having panic attacks, and I went to therapy and I realized I have anxiety and to manage it, I had to work through it.” Through therapy, he realized talking about it did help. “I was just traveling, and I was thinking about my childhood and I started writing about it. When I read it, I thought I’d keep it to myself and not share it with the public. But when I read it out to my wife and friends – everyone was so moved by it”. He told me that they encouraged him to release it, and told me that “through making this song, I realized that it’s not just catharsis for me, it’s going to help resolve issues for a lot of people. A lot of people will relate to it.”


After listening to the song, I was really curious about his current relationship with his father

Ali told me “he lives in America, I haven’t seen him in 5-6 years but we talk every now and then”. He went on to tell me that “you realize that it’s not about carrying hate inside – that’s only going to be bad for you. You have to realize that parents are human beings, they make mistakes as well.” He added that his father is “apologetic” for the way he handled the whole situation.

Ali tells me that “sometimes, divorce is necessary.” He’s “not against divorce” and just would like parents to “take the kids well-being into consideration, do talk to them”.

He described his relationship more as that of a friend than that of a father and son. He said, “it’s more like someone who I talk to and respect and love.” He told me that, “you need your father when you’re young, you want someone to guide you, and answer questions.” He feels that at 33, he’s at an age where he doesn’t need that anymore but needs someone who he can talk to.


Usually, he’s more known for his comedic stuff, so it only made sense for me to ask him what he thought about the response he got to revealing his vulnerable side

Like any other artist, Ali was “worried people would have different expectations” of him because he’s “known to do funny stuff”. But when it comes down to it, he says “the artist in me also wants to explore other avenues. If I can make people laugh, I should be able to make some cry.” He was “nervous, extremely nervous – more than for any of my other songs.” But, he told me the response was “way, way, way better than expected.” Many people reached out to him personally and asked for advice regarding their own households. He’s happy to have “made an impact” and likes that he’s started a discussion of divorce in a society where it’s still pretty taboo. He told me the overall response has been “overwhelming” and “very emotional”. And even went on to tell me that he has no idea how to respond to those who responded to his song just because of the sheer fact that he’s so moved by their stories. Ali says he’s “really happy” that he did this.


When there are children involved, divorce is no longer just between the parents

I’m glad Ali has found his voice to speak up about topics like these, with a great support system I imagine.


If you haven’t already heard the original song, here it is:


Comedian Ali Gul Pir Is Recreating Viral Pakistani Photos In The Most Hilarious Way


Cover image via: Ali Gul Pir / YouTube

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