CM Punjab Usman Buzdar's Statement About CCPO Lahore’s Victim Blaming Has Offended Pakistanis

By Noor | 11 Sep, 2020

Usman Buzdar not condemning CCPO Lahore for his statements has offended people

CCPO Lahore, Umer Shiekh, has been making headlines after his problematic stance on the motorway rape incident was shared by several media channels. The officer is more focused on the possible actions or precautions taken by the victim that could have saved her from the violence of men in this society. Shireen Mazari and many others have rightly called out the CCPO for his irresponsible statement but the ones who should have spoken up have chosen to remain silent.


CM Usman Buzdar was asked his views on CCPO Lahore indulging in victim blaming and instead of calling out the CCPO, the CM tried to cover it for the officer

The CM refrained from directly commenting on the issue and did NOT bother to point out the wrong in the statement issued by the CCPO earlier. Upon the insistence of the host, CM talked about the way the case was being dealt and how the Punjab government aimed to arrest the culprits and to provide justice to the victim.


People pointed out their displeasure on the inability of Usman Buzdar at condemning CCPO Lahore in clear words


People even went as far as to question the intentions of CM Punjab for his refusal to condemn CCPO Lahore


Rightfully angry awaam lashed out, saying that if he continues to defend, then CM Buzdar along with Umar Sheikh did not deserve to lead us


People even started comparing CM Buzdar refusing to condemn CCPO Lahore with former CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif who has built the impression of acting quickly


There were also those who questioned the reason why Usman Buzdar was beholden to CCPO Lahore and wouldn’t condemn something as obviously a disgusting statement as this

They could not really figure out the reason behind the CM supporting the CCPO.

The Chief Minister should have voiced his opinion on the matter. Most importantly, he should have condemned and criticized the stance of the CCPO Lahore and if not immediately, an inquiry should have been planned to ensure that other people in the law enforcement agencies don’t end up blaming the victim for things they can not even control.


People Are Shocked At The CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh For Being Dheet And Continuing His Victim Blaming Despite Being Slammed For It

Shireen Mazari Just Slammed CCPO Lahore For Blaming The Woman For Her Own Rape & People Are Thanking Her For Finally Waking Up


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