21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Really Clumsy Person

21 Things You’ll Relate To If You’re A Really Clumsy Person

Have you ever just wondered if gravity seems to work a little extra hard on you because things in your hands keep falling, you keep falling, people and things around you keep falling. For some reason wherever you go, you cause chaos with your clumsiness.

Here are a few things you can definitely relate to if you’re clumsy:


1. All your phones end up looking like this:

Source: thehoya.com


2. You have actually considered not having kids in the future because someone like you will keep dropping and forgetting the baby

Source: gifbin.com


3. Your presence in the kitchen has never been free of disasters 

Source: littlethings.com


4. Baking or cooking means burn marks all over your arm because you keep forgetting how hot the oven can be 

Source: uccdn.com


5. You have slipped in public on more than one occasion 

Source: giphy.com


6. You may have actually fallen enough to wonder if your wedding will feature your big slip

Source: giphy.com


7. You keep losing things 

Wherever you go, you leave behind a trail of all your important things.

Source: repoapp.com


8. When your crush passes by, your chappal decides to un-attach itself from your feet 


9. You’ve scared potential “significant others” away because you don’t have control over your limbs

Source: Nishat Linen


10. People on roads have told you that your dupatta is stuck inside the door on more than one occasion 

Source: SLB Films


11. You have smacked into glass doors

You’re the reason why they put a huge red cross on glass doors now.

Source: nexternal.com


12. You have left your phone in restaurants and bathrooms on many occasions 

Source: Showcase Productions


13. People are scared of handing over their baby to you because of your clumsiness

Source: Showcase Productions


14. Even you don’t like holding infants because you know your limitations 

Source: kappit.com


15. You run into things in broad day light

Source: tumblr.com


16. Lets not even talk about how hard you bump into things and how badly you injure yourself at night 

Source: imgur.com


17. You have also hit your head many times

Thanks for a skull, God.

Source: pinterest.com


18. You can’t eat without letting the rest of your body taste the food

Source: giphy.com


19. Your laptop and phone wear your clumsiness scars too

Source: amazonaws.com


20. But you’re doing okay because what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger


21. You wonder if you’ll ever fall into someone’s arms due to your clumsiness 

Or bump into someone cute who will help you pick up your stuff and then fall madly in love with you. Kia kabhi koi faida hoga? 

Source: tumblr.com


Do you have any tales of your clumsiness that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover image via: tune.pk

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