Christchurch Hero Naeem Rashid's Wife Gave A Powerful Statement After Her Husband's Death And Everyone Is Applauding Her Strength

By Manahil | 21 Mar, 2019

The attack on two mosques in Christchurch last Friday, is known as one of the darkest days for New Zealand. It left 50 dead, and over 40 injured in a terrorist attack by Australian Brenton Tarrant. Amongst those that lost their lives, there were a total of 9 Pakistani’s, including a hero – Naeem Rashid, and his son Talha.

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Prime minister Imran Khan retweeted a video of an interview with Ambreen Rashid – the late hero’s wife.

And had mentioned earlier in the week that Naeem Rasheed will receive a national award for his bravery.

PM Imran Khan says “For all those within and outside the Muslim world these words of Shaheed Naeem Rashid’s wife should make everyone understand the power of faith in Allah and Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him)” and continues “How this faith in Allah and His Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) transforms humans into strong and loving beings who can even feel pity for a terrorist, a mass murderer, who took away their loved ones.”

The interview starts off with Ambreen – smiling despite the tragedy. Ambreen states that she got married in 1996. 

“My husband and son gave up their lives to save other people and this is what Islam is to us. It’s a religion of peace and love,” while speaking to The Project NZ – a current affairs show in New Zealand.

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When the interviewer, Kanoa Lloyd, asked what Ambreen thought why her husband would act as a hero, she answered “I know that he was a very brave man, very helpful, very loving. Love can make you do that what he did. He tried to save people’s lives because he was loving.” She says, “This is what Allah wants from us. this is a religion of peace and love.”

“Right from childhood, he was a very caring person. He was such an inspiration for our children and we tell our children to be just like Talha.” Ambreen says in regards to the favorite thing about her late son.


When asked what kept her so strong in this time of distress, other than her faith, the mother of the martyred said, “I think my faith is the only thing, that’s the main thing that is keeping me strong”.


Ambreen was questioned about funeral preparations and she said “They are saying that they are doing [it] as fast as possible. But I don’t know about that. They had told us that the deadline would be Wednesday.  But we still haven’t heard anything from them. and I definitely want to see my son and my husband.”

Interviewer, Kanoa Lloyd asked Ambreen if she would go back to a mosque, and Ambreen replied, “Oh yeah, that’s the thing that I’ve learnt from this, nothing can stop me. It just had made me stronger.”

People are taking note of Ambreen, and calling her “a symbol of peace and love”.

The smile she had throughout the video, showed her bravery and composure. 

Many are thanking the interviewer, Kanoa Lloyd for the thoughtfulness and emotion she held while interviewing. 

And of course, we’re all keeping Ambreen in our prayers.


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