10 Pakistani Food Items That Are Perfect For Your Next Iftaari

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Dec, 2015

Pakistani food in general is a very chaskaydaar cuisine but there are some things that are universally acclaimed and eaten in copious amounts.

These are the top 10 things a Pakistani can never resist having a bite (or two plate fulls) of:


FoodSource: westernunion

These deliciously crispy triangles filled with tantalizing treats like spicy potatoes, tangy chicken or karara qeema make them the perfect food for a quick bite, dipped in chutney and eaten straight out of the frying pan.



FoodSource: instahassan

If anything is ever listed as the ‘National food of Pakistan’, it would have to be pakoray. As soon as the first droplet of rain hits the ground, every Pakistani taste bud starts screaming for these fried fritters accompanied by our national drink – chai.


Dahi Bhallay

FoodSource: saimashaikh_

While pakoray may be the national food, dahi bhallay are the national side dish. For every dinner, every iftari, every chai, a dahi bhallay dish is a sure thing.



FoodSource: will_chow1982

Oily, artificially orange, sticky, very sweet yet OH-SO-DELICIOUS!


Bun Kebab

FoodSource: umairster

Let’s get this straight, the Pakistani version of the international staple – burger – is the best iteration. Especially when accompanied with this very suspiciously bright red ketchup.



FoodSource: urvashi_chaudhri

Chaat is such a versatile dish. It can be sweet, like fruit chaat or it can be savory like the many, many different chaats available at every roadside stall or high end chaat shop. One thing about chaat is constant, though – it is tasty AF.


Shami Kebab

FoodSource: asifmiyan

Arguably the favorite snack of every Pakistani child. Also, possibly the most commonly found item in lunch boxes all across the country, a shami kebab can be eaten with a paratha as a breakfast item, with biryani or pullao for lunch or dinner or just on its own because it is that quick to make and filling. Not to mention, it is filled with bundles of great taste.



FoodSource: innatelymystic

Next time you need something to munch on mindlessly, just don’t bother with anything other than some nimko because it is yet another Pakistani food you cannot resist once you start chomping on some.


Gol Gappay

FoodSource: lifestyleselections

These fried puffed globes are the best food to eat when you want something that isn’t too heavy on your stomach (or your pocket). Order a plate full of these delicious, tangy treats and get messy.


Paratha Roll

FoodSource: super.duper.yumm.cooking

Another international dish – the roll/shawarma/wrap – is given a desi twist with parathas replacing the fancy pita bread or tortilla and the seekh kebab replacing the meats from all around the world. Dip in some imlee chutney and munch on.


Which of these is your most favorite thing to eat?

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