13 Struggles Only A Chashmish Will Understand

By Haadia Paracha | 28 Feb, 2017

Of all the times biology has failed you, the time when you first got your glasses was the ultimate heartbreak.

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Suddenly, you were the “chashmish” in your class and everybody made fun of your new change in appearances. Over time, people forgot about that little fact but it never stopped being annoying and you couldn’t help but dream of the day you would get LASIK treatment done and get rid of the glass. Here are all the struggles on a true chashmish will be able to relate to:

1. When you just can’t find your glasses anywhere.

“Zameen nigal gayi ya aasmaan kha gaya?”

2. When you’re at the movies after MUCH planning and you forget your glasses at home.

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Guess I’ll just read what happens in the reviews…

3. When you DO bring your glasses and have to look like a complete idiot when watching a 3D movie.

I just hope koi mujhe idher mil na jaaye.

4. When your glasses and camera flash are just a bad mix.

Source: Giphy

Haha graduation picture kharaab hogayi cuz I forgot to take my glasses off. LOL at my life.

5. When you have to constantly re-adjust cuz you don’t want your glasses to slide off.

Source: Deenga

Kub khatam hoga ye azaab.

6. When your glasses fog at the most inconvenient time.

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7. When they get greasy and you feel like a complete idiot having to clean them off.

Source: Erosnow Via: Giphy

8. And if you don’t clean them off, you’re that loser who doesn’t have clean glasses.

Source: Erosnow Via: Giphy 

9. When your nose has that permanent mark.

Source: Deenga 

10. When you put on foundation and it ends up on the glass.

Source: Giphy 

11. When your foundation scrapes off and leaves a funny imprint on your nose.

Source: Giphy 

12. When other people hand you your pair of glasses and they hold it from the glass like an uncivilised brat.

Source: Deenga

13. When you finally get rid of the glasses after getting LASIK and look like a straight up MVP.

All jokes aside, glassses aren’t meant to be carried forever. So treat yo self and get rid of those glasses by getting LASIK treatment. And if you decide to do so, make sure you go to a trusted and advanced place, like Hashmanis. Inn sub struggles se chutkara paayein and choose the #ChashmaFreeLife

Cover Image Source: Erosnow

This post has been sponsored by Hashmanis Lasik. Hashmanis performs and offers the most advanced type of Lasik: Topo-Guided Lasik. With over 5 hospitals in Karachi, they have performed the most successful Lasik surgeries in Pakistan treatment which is the safest refractive solution to date.

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