Chai Dhabas In Karachi Are Under Attack By Authorities Again And It Keeps Getting Worse

By Ather Ahmed | 12 Aug, 2017

Well, this is getting a bit redundant. Just last month, DHA officials in Karachi had decided to raze some chai dhabas. You know the ones in Bukhari commercial, which have become quite the hot spots for socializing. Places like Chai Shai and Chai Wala were shut down over some violations.


The owners had earlier on claimed that their staff was being constantly harassed by the authorities of their neighborhood


Some of them said that this happened despite paying the CBC a green belt tax this had happened. While some even threatened to take their grievances to court.


The dhabas were eventually allowed to conduct their business after whatever negotiations happened between the two parties


In fact, later in the night, they were business as usual. Up until now, that is.


A video surfaced last night which shows all hell breaking loose at the strip of dhabas in Bukhari Commercial

Both the Police and DHA officials appear to be on the scene. Members of the Police and DHA are confiscating all the chairs and tables laid out on empty plots. The staff members appear to be running here and there trying to secure all the furniture they can. We are not sure if anyone was arrested though.

Meanwhile, all the customers just casually get up and leave the premises. I mean with all the ruckus there is a high probability that no one billed them. So I guess in a way they had a pretty good day.


There were mix reactions on the whole matter. Some people were angry at the authorities

Source: Haalat Updates/Facebook
Source: Haalat Updates/Facebook

Others commended the authorities for doing their jobs

Source: Halaat Updates/Facebook


This has sparked quite the debate. Whether this could be considered illegal encroachment is still under dispute. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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