31 Pakistani Celebrities Who've Aged So Gracefully You'll Wonder Ye Khaatay Kiya Hain

By Iman Zia | 19 Oct, 2017

Pakistani celebrities have been aging so gracefully, it’s frankly high time they share their little adoring secrets with us earthlings on what’s keeping their skin so fabulously glowing, fresh as a daisy and a little too beautiful for comfort. In no particular order, here’s a list of Pakistani celebrities who have aged splendidly.


Abida Parveen

Age: 63 (approx.)

Source: Coke Studio


Anwar Maqsood

Age: 82 (approx.)

Source: reviewit.pk


Sania Saeed

Age: 45 (approx.)

Source: Hum Network Limited


Adnan Siddiqui

Age: 47 (approx.)

Source: @adnansid1/Instagram


Nadia Khan

Age: 45 (approx.)

Source: pakium.pk


Humayun Saeed

Age: 46 (approx.)

Source: ebuzztoday.com


Saba Hameed

Age: 60 (approx.)

Source: ebuzztoday.com


Noman Ejaz

Age: 52 (approx.)

Source: freehdwallpapers4u.blogspot.in


Manhoor Baloch

Age: 47 (approx.)

Source: pakshowbiz.com


Aijaz Aslam

Age: 45 (approx.)

Source: Uniworth


Nida Yasir

Age: 44 (approx.)

Source: arydigital.tv


Faisal Qureshi

Age: 43 (approx.)

Source: dawn.com


Samina Peerzada

Age: 62 (approx.)

Source: ebuzztoday.com


Farhan Ally Agha

Age: 42 (approx.)

Source: @sundaytimes/Instagram


Nadia Hussain

Age: 38 (approx.)

Source: whoiswhoinkarachi.net


Shaan Shahid

Age: 46 (approx.)

Source: dawn.com


Vaneeza Ahmed

Age: 46 (approx.)

Source: goodtimes.com.pk


Imran Khan

Age: 65

Source: independant.co.uk


Bushra Ansari

Age: 61 (approx.)

Source: ebuzztoday.com



Age: 43

Source: skysports.com


Maryam Nawaz

Age: 43 (approx.)

Source: reuters.com


Shoaib Akhtar

Age: 42

Source: @shoaib100mph/Twitter


Farida Khanum

Age: 82 (approx.)

Source: tribune.pk


Shafqat Amanat Ali

Age: 52 (approx.)

Source: pakium.pk


Wasim Akram

Age: 51

Source: wasimakramlive.com


Shehzad Roy

Age: 40 (approx.)

Source: dawn.com


Atiqa Odho

Age: 49 (approx.)

Source: dawn.com


Arif Lohar

Age: 51 (approx.)

Source: fankaronline.com


Hadiqa Kiani

Age: 43 (approx.)

Source: @Hadiqa_Kiani/Twitter


Javed Sheikh

Age: 63 (approx.)

Source: spin.com.pk


Reema Khan

Age: 45 (approx.)

Source: urduwire.com


So there you have it, folks, 31 Pakistani Celebrities who have aged incredibly gracefully. Who do you think has aged the best from these lovely people? Have we missed anyone out who you think rightfully deserves to be on this list? Let us know.

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