Celebrating the Kamaal Heroes: Shell Pakistan's Heartfelt Tribute to Mechanics on World Mechanics Day

By MangoBaaz Studio | 8 Aug, 2023

On July 14th, 2023, Shell Pakistan proudly celebrated World Mechanics Day, an initiative aimed at recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of mechanics in Pakistan. Shell paid a heartfelt tribute to our biggest superstars, the Kamaal Heroes, who keep our vehicles running smoothly and our machinery in optimal condition. With the hashtag #TumKamaalKarteHo, the goal is to honor mechanics, recognize their significance, boost their morale, and extend a sense of gratitude towards these often-overlooked heroes.

Shell Kamal heroes

shell pakistan

The excitement for World Mechanics Day reached its peak as Fahad Mustafa, known for his engaging presence and love for the audience, shared his phone number online. The response was overwhelming as people called in eagerly, only to be surprised by Fahad’s message to tune in to their TVs on the 14th of July. Several Insta Magazines covered the frenzy adding to the anticipation surrounding this special day.

As World Mechanics Day arrived, Shell Pakistan released a heartwarming video paying tribute to mechanics. Fahad Mustafa, a true advocate for acknowledging the unsung heroes, took to his social media to share the video. The video captured the invaluable role mechanics play in keeping our world in motion, showcasing their skills, dedication, and passion.


In a gesture of appreciation, mechanics were invited onto the banger show Jeeto Pakistan, hosted by Fahad Mustafa himself. The show served as a platform to honor our Kamaal Heroes. It was a moment of recognition, where the mechanics’ hard work was acknowledged, and their contributions to society were celebrated on a grand scale.

It is important to recognize the efforts of these unsung heroes, not just on the designated day but throughout the year. Let us foster a culture of gratitude by appreciating their hard work, supporting their skills development, and valuing their expertise.


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