13 Thoughts Every Woman Travelling Alone In A Careem Or Uber Has Had

By Rameeza Ahmad | 9 Oct, 2018

Careem and Uber have simplified women’s lives so much…or have they?

Often times I am talking to my friends and we wonder, what did we do before Careem or Uber? How did we get from Point A to Point B? We probably took rickshaws or travelled on public buses but the trauma of those experiences has been repressed by us. And now all we know is travel in comfortable air-conditioned cars.

But slowly horror stories, especially from female passengers of Careem and Uber, rides started coming to light and of course, even ride-hailing apps were tainted.

And as a result, a lot of us women find ourselves preoccupied with a lot of paranoid thoughts when travelling in Careem or Uber.

1. What Do You Need Google Maps For?

Source: Tumblr.com

This is usually before the ride starts because apparently no Careem or Uber driver trusts that you placed the pin properly.

2. You Wonder Whether You Should You Say Salaam

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Will you seem rude if you don’t greet them or will they take a greeting as the beginning of the conversation. Decisions decisons.

3. You Survey Your Surroundings

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Are the doors automatic? Is there a child lock on them? Can you open the window manually? What’s the escape plan!

4. You Are Constantly Monitoring Your Route

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If you’re bad at navigation you have your Google Maps app ready to see whether you’re on the right path.

5. You Send Your Ride Status To EVERYONE

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Quickly sharing that ride status in a WhatsApp group just in case.

6. You Figure Out How To Answer And Avoid Further Questions Simultaneously

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Sometimes your Careem or Uber drivers want to have a conversation and you don’t so how do you politely decline is an extreme sport.

7. You Mentally Calculate Your Fare

Source: Tips Music Films

What is the shortest route with the least amount of traffic so you can save your monies. That’s a big concern too.

8. You Pretend To Be On The Phone

Source: Comedy Central

Just another way to let your driver know you’re busy and have no time for interaction. Even if this is just you randomly opening and closing apps looking thoughtful.

9. You Pray To God Throughout

Source: TV one

Taking a Careem or Uber is extremely stressful these days and you pray to God to make it to the other side (your destination) alive and well.

10. You Wonder If Anyone Will Notice If You Don’t Show Up

Source: EuropaCorp

You play out different scenarios akin to those in Taken in your head. Who will be your Liam Neeson?

11. You Wear Headphones To Avoid Conversation

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You might not be listening to anything but your headphones are a great way to signal to your talkative Careem or Uber driver that there is no room for conversation.

12. Get Dropped A Little Far From Your House When It’s A Creepy Driver

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Sometimes the driver is creepy and your paranoid ass is scared he will come to your home again if he finds out where you live. So you get dropped in front of your neighbour’s gate as a precaution.

13. Thank The Lord When You Safely Make It To Your Location

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LAND. SWEET, SWEET LAND. Once you’ve made it to your destination, you can thank God and celebrate surviving yet another ride!

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