Careem Has Been Offering Rishtas To Pakistanis Since This Morning And We're Legit Confused

By Hurmat Riaz | 19 Jul, 2017

Careem, bro. All okay?

It’s not easy to find good rishtas these days. Parents spend years to find a suitable spouse for their kids but something happened this fine morning.

People woke up to this strange notification from Careem which is a ride hailing app

Source: me


*Nope. Not creepy at all*

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Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat at the sight of this auntie who looks like a very determined (and experienced, might we say) rishta auntie

Source: me


Hain gee?

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And it’s not just me, literally EVERYONE in Pakistan with the app is getting this notification

This is not something people want to wake up to.

Why would the cab service want to scare little kids?

Ghar walay kafi hain yaar..



Dil mein dard for single people out there!

Next season of Dolly ki aye gi baraat..

And there are people who are feeling left out.

Okay man. Calm down. Not so fast!

For people who didn’t get the phone notification, Careem even sent emails to make sure their rishta auntie invites did get to them


In Careem’s defence, this is the ‘Halal’ way of finding rishta.

Careem offers you the "halaal" way to find the right person. Have a rishta aunty accompany you during your ride. How…

Posted by Careem on Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017


Yo, Careem… you okay, bro? What is this?



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