Pakistanis Are Using Careem Service In A Whole New Way And It's Kinda, Sorta Amazing

By MangoBaaz Studio | 16 Feb, 2018

A while ago, I was incredibly late for my early morning flight. In between trying to pack a few last minute toiletries and my mum’s constant “you’ll miss your flight”, I rushed to the car. Ten minutes into my drive to the airport, I realized I had forgotten my laptop at home. Which kinda, sorta put me in a jam since this was supposed to be a business trip. ?

Turning back was not an option since I was late as it is. So, in that moment of panic, I booked a Careem from my place to the airport and told the captain to collect it from my place and get it to me in under a half hour.


Source: Deenga

The captain not only saved my izzat but was incredibly understanding of my rookie mistake. So much so that over the next year, I booked rides for small chores. Car keys, laptop chargers (yes, I’m jinxed when it comes to my laptop clearly.

This habit has apparently caught on especially since Careem bikes have been introduced. You can book Careem bikes close from home so theres absolutely no need to wait and they’re so handy.


People from all over Pakistan are using the service to help them out when they’re in a tough spot.

Whether it’s late night cookies cravings…


Or the munchies…


Or forgotten treasures…


And they’re also recommending it to all their friends.

Here’s why it’s better than your average run-of-the-mill delivery services in Pakistan:

It’s hella economical – so a standard bike/car ride cost will be charged. Also, faster ’cause they’re already in the said vicinity.

Source: Giphy


You can set the pick-up location and Careem can actually run errands you’re far too lazy to do yourself.

Source: Giphy

Whether it’s picking up dry cleaning or saving you a dreaded trip to the darzi. Lecture notes or picking up the cake for that surprise birthday party. Maybe even pick up panadol from the nearest pharmacy when you’re about to break into a terrible migraine in the middle of the night.


And most importantly, you can track your ride.

Which honestly is an absolute winner.


What are your thoughts on this creative new way people have been making use of Careem? Have you ever tried it yourself? Let us know in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Careem Pakistan.

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