My Dad Was Tired Of Car Thieves Breaking Into His Car So He Came Up With The Ultimate Solution

By Ather Ahmed | 20 Nov, 2017

Living in Karachi, you can never be too careful when it comes to your personal belongings. Although the crime rate in the city has seen a major drop in the last few years, the risk of getting your stuff stolen is still pretty much out there. Especially when it comes to your car, there are scumbags who are always eyeing for that window no matter how small in which they can steal its components.

One minute you see your car perfectly parked outside, the next its side view mirror and/or panel is just gone. Its one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you.


So we live in an neighborhood of Karachi that is rather “new”

Because there are a lot of new homes being built and the neighborhood is sparsely populated for now, one has heard of thefts happening of late.



My dad has fallen victim to such incidents quite a number of times got so tired that he decided to take the matter into his own hands

No, he didn’t go on an all-out crusade to beat up robbers on the street like we see on social media these days. Instead, he did something far more innovative. He’s a normal retired person who likes antiques, 80’s ballad music still has no idea what his son does for a living and occasionally yells.

What essentially happened was that his car kept on getting broken into. Since we don’t have a parking garage, the car is outside for the world to see at night. On more than one occasions, we’ve had our side view mirror stolen, windows broken and air conditioner or the stereo stolen and other similar nuisances that one has been told to get used to if you live in Karachi.

Source: Zafar Ahmad


After getting tired of constantly paying for replacement components, my father designed the ‘anti-theft car grill”

Source: Zafar Ahmad Via Facebook

“I came up with the idea after two such incidents took place right outside my house,” said Zafar Ahmad aka my dad.

“The essential idea was to somehow stop the robber from opening the door of my car”.


“After researching on the internet an image came to my mind and I began to take measurements of the car” he said

Source: Zafar Ahmad Via Facebook

My father made a rough drawing with all the measurements and went straight to the welder.

“The welder couldn’t really understand my request at first” he said ” The drawing wasn’t enough for him so I had to supervise the entire manufacture process”.

As you can see the grill covers all the doors of the car along with the side view mirrors. According to my dad the robbers usually break the glass but rarely enter the car from it. They always open the door which they wont be able to so now. I mean its still not the perfect solution but it still better than nothing, right?

Do you folks, living in Karachi have any anti-theft measures that you take? Share with us in the comments so everyone can benefit from them.

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