Can We Please Talk About This Weird Problem With Women's Jeans?

By Sajeer Shaikh | 3 Sep, 2017

Jeans are great. You can wear them with pretty much anything you want and they still won’t look half bad. Got a kurta? Jeans pehn lo, even though not a lot of people do this now. Got an amazing T-shirt? Jeans. Have a blouse you love? Yep – looks great with jeans.

A pair of decent jeans can pretty much be your best companion when it comes to putting together a decent outfit

I mean, see for yourself


They make you look hot


Even casual attire looks amazing


When in doubt, jeans are the way to go


All they do is exist to make your life easier, right?



But wait – is that a pocket?


Lol, no. What that is, is a dhoka


What is the point of fake pockets?

Why must we be lied to like this?

Source: Sajeer Shaikh

Kya daaloon main iss main? 

Source: Sajeer Shaikh


Source: Sajeer Shaikh

Christian Dior apparently stated in 1954: “Men have pockets to keep things in, women for decoration.”

Well, excuse you, Mr. Dior. I need pockets to keep my stuff in as well? Like, it’s so much easier than carrying a huge ass bag. But no, what do I get? Fake pockets. As someone who prefers to wear jeans over everything else, I absolutely NEED my jeans to be a certain way. They need to fit well and not make me want to cut my legs off. I need to not sweat out an entire year’s worth of paseena in them over the course of the day. And, they absolutely, most definitely need to have pockets. But no, it’s like people who design women’s jeans hate women.

Source: Deenga

We see what you guys are trying to do, though. We’re onto you

Why must you hurt us like this?

#ootd Fake pockets are #theworst. #fakepockets #fashion

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I don’t mean to make it a gender thing, but like – I don’t see a lot of men’s jeans with fake pockets, you know? Besides, as someone who has a phone and wallet to carry all the time, I need my pockets to actually be pockets. I don’t need a bag. I just need pockets. Is that really asking for a lot?

Source: Showcase Productions

I get that a lot of jeans are sewn shut to maintain their shape on display or to prevent people from sticking their hands in when trying them on. These can be opened later. That’s fine. No complaints there. What is annoying, though, is when the pockets are fake. Just a seam that’s a huge ass lie. What purpose does it serve? Why do we not deserve actual pockets?


Seriously, yeh kya mazaaq hai?



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