Call Netflix Because Pakistan Has Its Very Own Facebook Swindler

By Shanzeh Jalali | 10 Dec, 2022

Sidra Humaid, an entrepreneur and online media influencer from Karachi known for operating a monthly ballot committee system through various Facebook groups, is accused of committing Rs. 42 crore internet fraud. 

Netflix ought to take notes to create a new series about how Sidra Humaid deceived wealthy women into giving her money 

source: ProPakistani

The female victims of the entrepreneur’s infamous deeds are openly criticizing Sidra and foreseeing terrible repercussions for her actions. In a public post, the owner of “Daily Bites” and “Cróise” stated that she “had no means to pay off her committees.”  Since the businesswoman promised to refund all the money on schedule, no one has yet filed a formal complaint against her. “Please guys, don’t panic,” she penned. ”You’ll receive your money back in the upcoming months”

Sidra is allegedly unavailable to be located because she isn’t at her assigned residence and is no longer reachable by cellphone.

In a recent financial fraud, the woman in issue has been running committee meetings for her relatives and friends since 2015 (also known as rotational savings and credit clubs). A sizable group of female entrepreneurs running diverse web firms had placed an overwhelming amount of trust in her. She reportedly managed 117 WhatsApp groups with dozens of members for the purpose of getting money, according to certain estimations made by her victims. 

source: PKNama

Sidra allegedly received the first payment from the gathered funds in each group. A select group of people pledges to pool together a predetermined sum each month for a predetermined period of time under the committee method. Therefore, each group member is given a month from that period to collect Rs200,000 if a group of 10 members pools in Rs20,000 per month from January to October. With essentially no official document trails other than when banking transactions are involved, the entire system is based on trust and word-of-mouth communication.

He responded to a question on whether screenshots of online banking transactions might be included in a case by stating that an investigation has two parts, one for the police file and one for the court case file. Everything related to the investigation is documented in the police file, including screenshots and account URLs that can be used to confiscate an account. 

source: ProPakistani

Whatever the recovery or the amount is after that, it becomes a part of the legal processes. “A screenshot may or may not be part of a legal action, depending on the circumstances,” he stated.

Sidra’s attorney said she did not amount to online fraud. He claimed that although his client was willing to repay every investor their money, many others had made fictitious claims despite the fact that she owed them nothing.

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