11 Reasons Why You Need To Cancel ALL Your Plans And Go Watch “Cake” This Weekend

By Iman Zia | 29 Mar, 2018

Craving something sweet? Cancel your weekend plans and squeeze in a booking to go watch upcoming film ‘Cake,’ because who knows, it might just revive Pakistani cinema, and here’s why you need to go watch it ASAP! Starring Adnan Malik, Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh, the film looks SO GREAT!


The two female protagonists are ALL for feminism and try and show a different side to Pakistani women

The two actresses sat down with BBC Asian Network to talk about their film. “We are feminists. We do believe in the equal rights of men and women – the pay structure, particularly in work.”

Source: @theirfanrafiqproductions/Instagram


‘Cake’ will be challenging gender roles with a tale of two sassy, unapologetic sisters who want what they want

In an interview with BBC Asian Network, Aamina Sheikh states “both these women are very strong, they take charge of their lives, Zareen is out there in the land, dealing with all the men, she’s taking charge of the home, she’s commanding her parents to take care of themselves.”

Source: @theirfanrafiqproductions/Instagram


Zara, played by Sanam Saeed isn’t anything short of fierce either

“Zara’s calling the shots for her own personal life, so they’re very empowered women.”

Source: @cakethefilmofficial/Instagram


The trio of Adnan, Sanam and Aamina are honestly so cute


…And they’ve all worked with each other before, so all the more reason to support them on the big screen!

Adnan and Sanam starred together in drama ‘Dil Banjara’ while Aamina and Sanam were together in ‘Daam,’ along with Sanam Baloch.

Source: @cakethefilmofficial/Instagram


Cake’ was the first Pakistani film to be premiered in London at the prestigious Leicester Square!

Honestly so impressive, and we’re so so proud!

Source: @cakethefilmofficial/Instagram


The film is aimed to rid the stereotype of Pakistani women living in the dark, oppressed with no voice

Sanam states, “It’s unfair to put all Pakistani women in that box. Yes for the majority of them it breaks stereotypes, but in my household, those are the conversations and that’s the approach – within the boundaries that are set.” The women in the “Jamali household” (the family name in ‘Cake’) can’t smoke in front of their parents, for example.

Source: @cakethefilmofficial/Instagram


It’s not just the female protagonists the film is trying to show in a different light – Adnan’s character too is ‘refreshing’

Source: @theirfanrafiqproductions/Instagram


“Male empowerment in today’s time is also important,” and is another trait in ‘Cake’

Source: @cakethefilmofficial/Instagram


The film is very different from anything we’ve seen before in Lollywood, non-mainstream and incredibly indie in nature



The soundtrack is PHENOMENAL, it’s been entirely composed by Pakistani band ‘The Sketches’

The movie’s music has been composed entirely by Saif Samejo The Sketches band.

Source: dawn.com


Support Pakistani cinema!


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Source of the interview: BBC Asian Network

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