Sanam Saeed, Aamina Sheikh And Adnan Malik's New Film Trailer Is SO Delicious

By Sarah Babar | 22 Dec, 2017

Meet the stunning cast of ‘Cake’

Adnan Malik as broody, artsy man

Source: B4U Motion Pictures

We see Adnan Malik inspect an ant walking on a leaf…doesn’t get more artsy than that. But hey, wait a minute, that stache!


Aamina Sheikh as mysterious woman

Source: B4U Motion Pictures

Within this trailer, alone, we saw Aamina Sheikh come out from behind doors twice, we can’t wait to see how many times she does that in the actual film. Mysterious, indeed


Sanam Saeed as seemingly sad human

Source: B4U Motion Pictures

‘Cake’ being her second film, Sanam looks sad in this one. While she looked chirpy and someone you’d definitely want to hang out with on a Saturday in ‘Dobara Phir Se’, she’s a lot more serious in this trailer.


Now, we’ve been waiting to hear more about the film ever since we first heard about it, because let’s be real, it’s a film called CAKE

Badass baker? HELL YES, bring it on!


When they dropped in their character posters, we were even more intrigued

The posters had us curious from the get go.


Especially with Aamina Sheikh’s silhouette with that cigarette (it also rhymes omg)


And now, we finally have a trailer and things have only gotten more interesting

Source: B4U Motion Pictures

And there’s a lot of Aamina Sheikh sneaking around


The trailer shows us a sequence of family, love and loss

Source: B4U Motion Pictures


And also an extremely adorable clip of an aunty ji asking why she isn’t getting more followers on social media

Source: B4U Motion Pictures


There is obvious conflict between the sisters, in the film, as is evident from the trailer

Source: B4U Motion Pictures


The crux of this conflict comes in from the two sisters getting together and confronting the demons of their past

Source: B4U Motion Picture


On the whole, the trailer is extremely artistic and well-made

Source: B4U Motion Pictures


Basically, we’re hoping the movie is as good as the trailer and is another step towards the revival of Pakistani cinema


Watch the trailer here


And let us know what you thought of it, in the comments below!

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