This Interesting Cafe In Karachi Is A Ray Of Hope For Pakistanis With Disabilities

By Alveena Jadoon | 19 Jan, 2018

One of the dilemmas of a developing nation is that due to scarce resources and the pressure to develop at a steady pace, certain segments of the society are ignored. This means in terms of their basic requirements, the opportunities that they are provided and in understanding the challenges that they have to face.


One segment of the society that needs attention is that of the specially abled

While people do feel a lot of sympathy for them and try and help them out as much as possible, they are still not provided equal opportunities to excel in life.


The education system is segmented in this regards. It is not easy to then find instructors who are understanding of the nature of the kids and teach them accordingly. And then, there are very scarce job opportunities for them. This is besides the day to day problems that they have to face. For example communication, forming friendships, and most important of all, their safety.


However, on Karachi Eat last weekend, a cafe caught the attention of several food lovers

Offering pizza fries, chocolate shots and a variety of desserts – Cafe Ujala is the first ever cafe by the specially abled.

Via: Instagram


On the back of the stall was a very strong message

It promised all the specially abled people of Pakistan that they are behind them. Such a beautiful message and a brilliant way to make the society more inclusive. Surely, this would have given many a reason to smile.

Via: Facebook

This is a great initiative and must be supported. It takes a lot of effort and goodwill to open up such places. Despite all the upsetting news pouring in everyday, these are the kind of heroes who make our days and give us a little something to be proud of.


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