15 Safety Precautions Every Pakistani Girl Who Travels By A Cab Service Absolutely Needs To Take

By Hurmat Riaz | 2 Aug, 2017

Cab services have now become a part of many people’s daily lives because of the ease of accessing them and the comfort they provide. But not all’s as good as one would like to believe. Since there are so many stories popping up now and then about all the weird incidents happening in these rides, girls have become rather cautions in taking these rides.

These are some steps to keep you vigilant and cautious about your ride, until we can finally live in a world that is safe for women, men and everyone else:


1. First, be calm and don’t stress too much about it because it’s just a damn ride

Breath in, breath out. You’re a strong independent woman. You can do this.

Source: Saga Music

2. When you finally find a ride, go through the captain’s information thoroughly

Okay, you have to do this because it’s for your own good.

Source: Hum Network Limited

3. The moment your ride gets confirmed, send a tracker to someone you trust

A trusted friend who’ll keep an eye on your ride in case something happens.

Source: Hum Network Limited

4. Also, remember to send the tracker to multiple people

What if that one person is busy? So you send the tracker to few other people as well.

Source: Benetone Films

5. Text the car’s number to a trusted person

This one is tricky because they’re not tracking the ride and won’t know where EXACTLY, you are. If it’s your mother, she’ll definitely call you again and again to make sure you’re alive.

Via: Tumblr

6. When you sit in the car, politely say salam and tell the captain your destination

Nothing more than that. You don’t have to be over-friendly, nor come off as too sarrial either.

Via: Tumblr

7. Give the driver the impression that you know the way yourself

If you aren’t exactly aware, you can google up the map and drop a street name that comes on your way.

Source: MangoBaaz

8. Obviously the driver knows the way as well, so don’t get into an argument with them

You know telling them what route to take may be awkward and all but you’ve to do it just to show who’s the boss.

Source: Saga Music

9. When the ride starts, open up Google Maps yourself and start tracking the car

Just to keep an eye in case the captain takes any other unfamiliar route.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Production

10. If the captain starts making a conversation, you just politely show that you’re not interested

Or you just shove in your earphones to ignore them. Waisay, earphones can put you in danger since you don’t know about any conversations that he might be having on his phone so be aware of your surroundings with those earphones in your ears.

Via: Tumblr

11. Also, if your driver puts on music, just ask them to put it off, or turn down the volume, because you need to establish authority

You know it’s his car lekin free nahi karana usay.

Source: Saad Sultan

12. If someone calls you, casually throw in the conversation about your ride so the driver knows that people are aware of your whereabouts

“Han mein bus Careem main hun. Yeah. I’m about to reach. We have taken the same route. Yeah. Of course, I know the way.”

This way the captain also knows that someone close to you knows that you’re in a Careem or Uber.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions

13. Don’t forget to keep on tracking the car on Google Maps so that you won’t lose your way

And keep an eye on the road as well in case you miss a turn or an intersection.

Source: Ali Rush Music

14. And do remember to keep the driver on their toes with your knowledge of the raastay

The captain may get annoyed but you’ve to do it for your own good.

Source: MangoBaaz

15. Finally, when you’ve reached your destination, get off the ride and thank the captain, politely and don’t indulge in any small talk if you see signs of “something”

Also, give him five stars if he was polite back.

Via Tumblr


How do you keep yourself safe and sound while traveling in Uber/Careem? What measures do you take? Tell us in the comments section.


Cover image via: tribune.com.pk

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