Butlers Chocolate Cafe In Lahore Has Been Sealed After Being Caught Drying Trays In Their Washroom

By Sinwan Zahid | 19 Jun, 2018

A person named Haider Bokhari came forth on Facebook last night about Butlers Cafe Lahore and disclosed some shocking details about his experience there.

We go to restaurants all the time and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the food we order and eat. It’s almost close to impossible to know what goes on behind closed doors, and by that, we mean kitchen doors.


In the past, there have been several raids by the Punjab Food Authority with regards to restaurant food hygiene and conditions

Shocking revelations have come forth about many reputable restaurants. Like using expired products, unhygienic kitchen conditions, and even stuff like donkey meat that are served under the guise of chicken.

butlers cafe lahore
Source: Haider Bokhari/Facebook


So it comes as no surprise how Butlers Cafe Lahore pulled this off, out in the open

butlers cafe lahore
Source: Haider Bokhari/Facebook

Haider took to social media to express how his visit to their “non-functional” public washroom at Butlers Cafe Lahore took a turn for the worst. The wooden slabs or trays they serve food on were lined up around the toilet seat to “dry” down. He claims there wasn’t enough space in the kitchen, but dear God. Why did they ever think the washroom would be a suitable place to dry them out?


Not only is placing a tray in a public washroom, exposed to germs and bacteria, pathetic

But it is also a betrayal of trust. Walking into a bathroom with these trays sitting next to the toilet seat is a horrible sight to digest in the first place. Then imagine realizing the food you ate being placed on it.

butlers cafe lahore
Source: Haider Bokhari/Facebook


Oonchi dukaan, pheeka pakwaan?

Customers pay hundreds of rupees to make sure their food has been prepared in a hygienic, safe manner. It is about time restaurants and cafes start considering hygiene as a matter of high importance. Such stunts pulled off abroad usually result in a restaurant being sealed indefinitely.

butlers cafe lahore
Source: Haider Bokhari/Facebook


Consequently, people have decided to boycott Butlers Cafe Lahore

People on the Facebook Foodies R Us group took no time to bash the cafe. Many group members posted about their disappointment. A few people, on the other hand, said that these trays seem to have been planted and that they could have been placed anywhere in the restaurant.

According to sources, Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Lahore has now been sealed

The swift action by PFA is commendable.

on a public complaint received on social media, an enquiry team of PFA confirmed the unhyeigenic/disgusting act pictured below.the Cafe on MM Alam road closed down and owner called in person…

Gepostet von Punjab Food Authority Force am Montag, 18. Juni 2018



This article has been updated to reflect that Butler’s Chocolate Cafe Lahore has been sealed by PFA.


Cover image via pk.geoview.info / Haider Bokhari

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