After Being Briefly Sealed For Toiletgate, Butler's Cafe Is Open For Business Again And WTF?

By Sinwan Zahid | 20 Jun, 2018

It wasn’t too long ago when Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore was sealed by the Punjab Food Authority (it was yesterday). This came after a customer came forth with an allegation, saying he had caught the cafe drying serving trays in a non-functional toilet. The complaint, which gained traction among the foodies of Lahore, obviously pissed people off. While this shouldn’t speak for all restaurants, it’s a bit underwhelming to see how certain restaurants and cafes can take hygiene so lightly.


The customer’s photos fo Butler’s Chocolate Cafe Lahore keeping food serving trays in their bathrooms disgusted many, to say the least

via Haider Bokhari/Facebook


This post did divide people, though. Some argued this was a move to only defame the cafe, while others argued this was the true face of restaurant hygiene in Pakistan. A few argued that the toilet at Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore was out of order hence there was no business for this guy going in. And the rest just saw the drama unfold.

butlers chocolate cafe lahore
Source: Haider Bokhari/Facebook


As a consequence, it didn’t take too long for the PFA to take notice of it

When this happened, people were relieved that swift action had been taken by the Punjab Food Authority. This post by Noor ul Amin Mengal, who heads PFA confirmed that indeed the unhygienic sight was true after an inquiry was conducted. As a result, Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore, on M.M. Alam Road was sealed and the owner called in person.

butlers chocolate cafe lahore
Source: Punjab Food Authority Force/Facebook


But then… later in the evening, a development surfaced saying the cafe was cleared by PFA and Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore also confirmed the rumor and honestly… WHAT?

Last we checked, the Punjab Food Authority held an inquiry and confirmed #Toiletgate. But now they’ve fully approved and opened the cafe for business? So in the post, they say that the out-of-order toilet was breached. The out-of-order bathroom was being used to store non-food waste (LOL WUT?) because of waste disposal services being unavailable over eid.

butlers chocolate cafe lahore
Source: Butlers Chocolate Cafe Pakistan/Facebook

Now if we’re being all investigative, let’s also talk about how Butlers Chocolate Cafe Lahore claims waste disposal services were unavailable over EID, which led them to place their “non-food waste” in the out-of-order toilet. Haider, who complained about this, said HE WENT TWO DAYS BEFORE EID i.e. 13th June 2018.

So, now the question is, are we buying their explanation and moving on… or not?


Butlers Chocolate Cafe In Lahore Has Been Sealed After Getting Caught Drying Trays In Their Washroom


Cover image via Haider Bokhari/Facebook

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