Burger Walas To Go To In Lahore When Your Heart Screams “Mujhe Anday Wala Burger”

By Sinwan Zahid | 11 Feb, 2018

Shami burger, anday wala burger, anda shamipappu burger, maamu burger, bund pluster, bun kebab – whatever you call it, everyone has a special place in their heart for this Pakistani street food

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From the toasted buns to the succulent egg, shami, cabbage filling and a chutney that makes all the difference – this delicious, sasta khasta burger is found in every street corner in Lahore. There is no match for it, McDonald’s Hardee’s who? We’ve grown up eating shami burgers after school, after tuitions, shopping kertay hoye. No matter how much your parents told you they’re ganday, you still had to have them, phir kabhi ho bhi jatay thay pait kharab but #worthit. Nothing matches the happiness you get with a khaki lifafa and your shami burger in it.

Priced mostly at an average PKR 60 they’re one of the cheapest and yummiest meals you can buy yourself on a budget. 


See here’s where to eat your anday wala burgers in the glorious city of Lahore:


Al Naseeb Burger, Shadman

Al Naseeb is one of those places where even if you to amreeka and get yourself Five Guys and In-N-Outs, you think about their shami burger.

Via: Shahrukh Mirza/Facebook


Zulfi Burger, Main Market, Gulberg

Gulberg walay swear by Zulfi. Paired with chaat masala fries, HAYE!

Via: Facebook


Qadir Burger, Moon Market, Allama Iqbal Town

You get coleslaw, fries, and a to-die-for anday wala burger! People come from all areas of Lahore for Qadir Burger!

Via: Qadir Burger/Facebook


Lasani Burger, Mini Market, Gulberg

Comparatively more saaf suthra but my, my does it taste amazing!

Via: Haris Nadeem/Facebook


Sagar Burger, Garhi Shahu

Just look at the customers, their expressions say it all! Humay bhi anday wala burger!

Via: Hassan Tariq/Facebook


Ahmed Dahi Bhallay, Gol Market, Defence

Priced at PKR80, this shami burger is fresh, hot and tastes SO good. Plus a great place to get your food packed if you’re in a hurry!

Via: Sinwan Zahid


Where do you get your favorite anday wala burger from? Let us know.


Cover image via: dawn.com

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