These 13 STUNNING Bunto Kazmi Joras Are Proof That She Is The Queen Of Fashion

By Arslan Athar | 19 Oct, 2018

Bunto Kazmi is one of Pakistan’s most established fashion designers. She’s been around for a while and has built a name for herself in the bridal world. Bunto rarely shows at fashion shows, which adds to the persona and brand; creating one-off bridals that are suited toa client and their needs.

Bunto Kazmi is known for her attention to detail and her intricate designs. 

At the time she started designing, such precise work and customization weren’t too well known in Pakistani bridals, but she created a market for herself, and well dominated it for quite a while.


Her pieces are about the larger picture (being the entire jora) and also the tiny details


Another item that Bunto has nailed, is her hand embroidered shawls, which can really really dress up an entire outfit 


These are honestly a class apart 


Reds may be our ‘go to’ color for bridals, but clearly, Bunto is adventurous with her choices


A lot of times, Bunto swerves away from the reds to create looks that are unique and trendsetting in their own right


There’s a reason why Bunto Kazmi is a bridal wear favorite; she listens to what her brides want and creates a look that will make them feel special 


She works with a lot of traditional methods and employs those methods to create modern bridal looks.


Her choice of colors are just truly iconic 

For you purists, Bunto also creates absolutely gorgeous red bridal looks


There’s definitely something magical about the color red and how we use it for our bridal wear. It adds majesty and pomp to a bridal look, like no other


Bunto isn’t scared of mixing and matching colors, as long as the final product results in a stunning bride 


I cannot emphasize this enough, no one does details like her


This picture perfectly depicts her range and capabilities as a designer


There’s no stopping Bunto Kazmi, she’s a powerhouse

In multiple interviews, Bunto says that she only asks her clients for their color preferences and general style, the rest she asks to be left on to her and her creative freedom. She’s one of the few designers in Pakistan who’s really stuck to her guns and created looks that are both steeped in tradition while also being modern- this is her secret to staying relevant and highly sought after in this age of intense competition in the Pakistani fashion industry.


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