This British Traveler Has Fallen Madly In Love With Pakistan And His Beautiful Words Will Warm Your Heart

By Kashaf | 20 Dec, 2017

Will Hatton, otherwise known as “The Broke Backpacker”, is an adventurer and entrepreneur who has been traveling the world on a budget for ten years.

Will aims to show adventurers all over the world that they can ditch their desk jobs, hit the road, and become a digital nomad.


He sticks to a budget and has been globetrotting on a budget of just Rs. 1000 a day.



When asked what makes his travels unique, Will told MangoBaaz:

“I’ve been traveling for ten years now, moving around on a budget. I hitchhiked across Iran, fell in love, converted to Islam and married my Persian princess.”


He then said, “I love traveling, I always will – it’s a chance to push myself, to get out of my comfort zone and to grow more capable and confident in day to day life.”



Will says that he is a major mountain man at heart and had always wished to visit Pakistan’s, Karakoram Range.

People told him he was mad for wanting to travel to Pakistan and that it would be way too dangerous – but they couldn’t have been more wrong. He states that he’s visited over 100 countries and that Pakistan is one of the safest places he’s ever been.


He’s visited Pakistan three times and put together a tour – along with Komail from Find My Adventure Pakistan.

He advertised and sold the tour through his blog, The Broke Backpacker, and pulled off the trip under an affordable budget.


He’s been able to stick to his budgets through:


via Facebook/The Broke Backpacker





and taking risks



We asked Will about his experiences with Pakistani’s and his response was heartwarming.



“The Pakistani people are some of the most hospitable people in the world and I feel honored to have a lot of very close Pakistani friends.”

He then went on to say, “In Pakistan, I have been blown away by people’s kindness – I’m always being offered food, chai, a place to sleep and Pakistan is a great country for backpackers. Pakistan has more beautiful landscapes and kind people than I could have possibly imagined… And Pakistani hashish is super strong!”



In 2018 he will be running two more tours to Pakistan. From trekking to Fairy Meadows to partying at an underground rave in Pakistan, you can follow his adventures on his website or his Facebook page.


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