A Bride Died On The Night Of Her Marriage Because Parents Are Too Ashamed To Talk About Sex

By Alveena Jadoon | 23 Feb, 2019

The incident in Kasur has opened up a much needed chain of dialogue. A lot of people are opening up about their experiences and this makes you realize the magnitude of the problem.


Twitter user, Fatima Sheerin, and also a doctor decided to narrate a story that she came across

She talks about her medical experience, in which she came across a patient who had excessive post coital bleeding. Bleeding after intercourse is common, though not necessary, but she was bleeding way more than usual. The patient died because of internal injuries and the autopsy result revealed the most inhuman of acts committed with her.

She then asks the same question we have all been asking for days now

Via: Twitter


A Twitter user then asked her if a police case was filed and the conversation takes a very tragic turn

People are shocked beyond belief at the revelation of such an incident

Some even had similar stories to share, which is extremely heart breaking

Others wanted to know why the woman “allowed” the husband to proceed with the act

Such instances are common in the society. They are just not talked about and they make you realize how important sex education is

We deliberately push these stories under the rug, especially when the act is carried out by someone related to us. Clearly, people still do not understand the emotional trauma that their kids go through due to such petty decisions.


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