13 Steps To Follow That Will Instantly Help You Get Over Your Breakup

By Sadia Khan | 13 Nov, 2017

Here’s a method to breakup proof yourself.


You can choose, for the most part, who stays in your life and who gets cut off. If things did not work out between you two then it is time to move on and let someone more suited to your tastes, hobbies and preferences be your companion to dinner dates, movies and even those random evenings where you just want to silently sit in front of the TV doing nothing.

Following steps can help you to get over your ex but remember things take time. Here it goes: How to deal with a break-up like…. let’s just say “not an asshole” as your ex was:

STEP ONE: Do NOT try to stay in touch with them

Remove them from you Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. You don’t want to see their ugly faces.

Source: IRK Films

This will help you save that bachi kuchi self-respect and ego that you have after that tumultuous relationship.


STEP TWO: Use your friends to distract you

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Go out with your friends. They will be there to listen to you ranting about that awful person who couldn’t appreciate how amazing you are. Your friends will point out every bad thing about them that will make you feel a teeny bit better.


STEP THREE: Talk… to anyone but them

Talk to their friends, even, but you must promise yourself that you won’t attend your ex’s calls or reply to any of their texts.

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions

What you can do is talk to their friends and let them know what an asshole their friend is, if you’re itching too much to talk to someone about your breakup.


STEP FOUR: Invest your energy in a positive activity that does not involve them

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Think of anything that you are good at or want to achieve a goal or aim. Work hard for it. You are good at expressing yourself in words being written? Go for it. Write poetry or essays, anything that will let out your deep buried feelings. There are so many things out there that need your energy which is being wasted by thinking too much about a person who didn’t give a crap about you.


STEP FIVE: Shop away your troubles

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Go Shopping. I know this is the time when you least think about getting dressed or paying attention to how your new shoes look but shopping plays an important role in making you happy. It is a blessing to get your hands on something that your heart desires.


STEP SIX: Get a new look, if that helps you

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You can get a new hair cut from your favorite hair salon or dye them to look GORGEOUS! Change your dressing style a little bit. Add new colors to your wardrobe. Drop your signature boots and go for loafers instead or you could start wearing those desi jhumkey which look fabulous for every occasion. The point is, distract yourself by looking FINE AF.


STEP SEVEN: Stay the fuck away from sad songs and romantic movies

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Watch more documentaries about history and science, basically anything. Rather than wasting your time listening to sad Bollywood songs or watching rom-coms and missing the last time you had ice-cream with them, you would be watching these documentaries which will occupy your mind for a long time. These will make you think about certain topics.

Choose your favorite topics or areas of interest and ENJOY.


STEP EIGHT: Throw away gifts from them and give away all the stuff that you have that even reminds you of them

VIa: Tumblr

Now comes the big test. Now is the time to ask yourself if you’re ready to move on with your life by getting rid of their stuff that was given to you as gifts. DO NOT keep any of that. That t-shirt they gave you on your birthday? THROW IT AWAY! You don’t need that teddy bear to hug at night anymore? THROW.

Everything must go.


STEP NINE: Get your priorities, straight

Source: A & B Entertainment

Falling in love and dating is a part of life that everyone should enjoy, however, being stuck in a past relationship has never done any good to anyone. The world is not a bad place but sometimes you meet a wrong person at a wrong time. Maybe you were not ready for this yet. Life has so much to offer you, just look around for the possibilities.


STEP TEN: Read more so it helps you open your mind to a completely different world

Source: HanWay Films

If you are not into reading books other than your textbooks then you’re missing out on this beautiful-emotional-imaginable-journey.

If you can’t decide which book you should be reading, ask a bunch of friends or check out these 21 Of The Most Interesting Books That You Can Finish In Literally Just One Day.


STEP Eleven: Value the little things that life has to offer

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Whenever something bad happens in our life, we always overlook the tiny blessings that surround us. Instead of whining about one person who was not even worth it, go and eat your favorite ice-cream, watch your favorite superhero movie, go on a drive or play the songs that remind you of your sweet teenage. You have a loving family, some awesome friends and a life full of surprises and achievements, waiting for you.



Source: IRK Films

It is important to remind yourself that humans do not control other humans. You can never force someone to stay in your life. Everyone has a choice to make. If they didn’t choose you (Definitely, their loss) then build enough courage in your heart to let them go. Even if you can’t forget, learn to forgive and move on.


STEP THIRTEEN: Don’t wait for the right person and move on with your own life

Source: ARY Films

Do not rush anything. Time will heal you before you know it and you will be laughing at this after a few months or a year. You will find a stranger’s smile attractive again and you will like how someone will laugh at your stupid joke…again.

Learn from your mistakes as you would learn from you experiences. When you do find the right one, they will stick around no matter what.

And don’t forget:

Kyon K Siyanay Yeh Kah Gaye Hain Bilkul Sahi
Tu Nahi Aur Sahi Aur Nahi Aur Sahi


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