13 Ways To Entertain Yourself At Work When You're So Damn Bored

By MangoBaaz Studio | 1 Nov, 2017

As much as we want to spend our days on a hammock somewhere in a tropical island, we have to work to pay the bills. Ufff, yeh zillat. Every day is a struggle between setting 10 different alarms and snoozing them all so you can get just A MINUTE extra in bed. But work isn’t bad when you have a lot of things to do….it’s bad when you practically have NOTHING to do and you’re just bored.

Here are a few ways you can entertain yourself on a boring AF day at work:


1. Pop in your headphones

People would think you’re trying to focus while you’re listening to the ultimate break-up list.


2. Stab yourself with a fork

(Okay sorry, thorra violent hogaya)

Source: MangoBaaz


3. Play games on your phone when nobody’s watching

Go ahead and play Sting Rush where you’re basically running wild and free and collecting stuff~

Source: Giphy


4. Create beautiful masterpieces of art

Source: Reddit


5. No, seriously…isn’t this the most beautiful excel spreadsheet EVER?

Source: Reddit

Love you, Mario.


6. Pretend to “work” while reading MangoBaaz articles

Shameless self promotion whaddup?

Source: Tumblr

7. Call in “sick” or “dead”

But still show up the next day…okay, last morbid joke of the day.

Source: Shape.com


8. Make new friends:

Source: Twitter

9. Put stuff in your co-workers lunches

Source: Buzzfeed


10. Or cars…

Source: Reddit


11. Or try this plain old prank:

Source: Giphy


12. Who doesn’t like cake?

MmMmMm free food

Source: Gifsoup


13. Have a gaming competition between your co-workers

Source: MangoBaaz

Download Sting Rush and get ready to compete with not only your own friends but people from ALL OVER THE WORLD. And on top of all the street cred, you can also win legit real life prizes every week. Yo, who doesn’t like freebies?

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Hum bhi bore ho rahay hein yaar.

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