Listen Up Bollywood Fans, Here's One Movie You Should Actually Watch This Weekend

By Iman Zia | 30 Dec, 2016

I really miss Bollywood films. I miss them. I miss the musicals filled with vibrant colors, elaborately draped sets, myriad dancers enrobed in dappled pinks and yellows and protagonists embracing on moonlit hilltops. Disheartened, I reluctantly went to see La La Land after boycotting the cinema in mild depression, and boy was I in for a surprise.

La La Land was brilliant, to say the least. It’s not your conventional Hollywood love story. La La Land is the epitome of perfection, and it gloriously filled the void of a pitiful Bollywood-less existence in my soul. It felt like I was plunged into an overly dramatic Sanjay Leela Bhansali movie for the most of it. It was an eclectic mix of song, dance and most importantly, it was a film with a heart.

Here’s why you have to watch La La Land immediately to cure your Bollywood-fever:


1. The music is just perfect

Justin Hurtwitz has composed what is definitely the best album of 2016. It’s been on a nonstop loop on my phone ever since I made the trip to the cinema. Who knew jazz could sound so good.

Source: Collider


2. The aesthetics

Everything about the film seeps warmth, especially the visuals bound by the candy land cinematography.

Source: Collider


3. The dance numbers are flawless

The dance sequences are rather remarkable. Tap dancing to jazz and Old Hollywood waltzes take your breath away.

Source: Youtube


4. Emma Stone

Emma Stone is a delight. She’s transformed from the girl next door into a beautiful starlet, and an Oscar worthy actress.



5. Ryan Gosling

After cult films like Blue Valentine and Drive, you’ll see Ryan Gosling in a completely new light in La La Land. Watch it for him.



6. Their chemistry

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling mold extraordinarily well together. They have an incredibly heavy presence on screen.

Source: Slant


7. The sets

Imagine Ram Leela, with soft purples, tangy yellows and hot pinks in modern downtown L.A.

Source: AwardsCircuit


8. The direction

Think Midnight in Paris meets The Grand Budapest Hotel. Damien Chazelle proves his versatility after Whiplash with this wonder.

Source: NYtimes


9. There is this awesomely raw realness

It’s more than a love story between two ordinary people who have dreams; it’s about how they try and have it all – love, a career and happiness. It’s the imperfections in life that often stem from trying to become masters of our own fate, and that’s what La La Land touches upon. Like I said, it’s not your conventional love story.

Source: The Playlist


10. And most importantly, watch it for the story line

Here’s the trailer for those who’d like a little snippet of what to expect:


Basically, this movie is for anyone and everyone who loves movies. Are you one of them?

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