This Is Hands Down One Of The Boldest Trends Of This Shaadi Season

By Biya Haq | 15 Jan, 2018

2017 was a year of some pretty chic Shaadi trends.

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And though all of these outfits were absolutely stunning in their own right, there wasn’t anything that we had not seen before.

But friends, we’re banking on 2018 being pretty different in light of this new trend.

You guys have honesty shown me the kind of love and support that has not only melted my heart but also made me realise what beautiful, progressive and positive minds we have right here at home ?? The following message was sent to me by a beautiful soul and I just had to share it with you guys ? @labikhan : The trends we’re dying to keep up with were all started by someone somehow. And that’s their identity. Not necessarily ours. People who copy other people’s fashion identity do so probably because they have no identity of their own. None of those trends were written in stone and passed down to us from some ancient ancestors. So who says we have to conform to another person’s idea of what is socially acceptable?

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That’s right people, sneakers.

Social influencers and models alike have all been hopping on to the uber stylish trend. Whether they’re paired with a saari, lengha choli or a simple shalwar kameez, it’s the easiest way to take your shaadi look to a whole new level.

Come on, how GREAT does this look?

Desi in Red ❤️

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Absolutely effortless, and absolutely wearable.

Granted, this trend may not be for everyone and it’s definitely not something we may all take up. Trying a new trend in front of so many people who may be a little more on the traditional side can be very daunting.

But for those who want to switch things up, you can’t get any bolder than this.

Nano's Chiffons ??

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Shaadi trends nowadays, especially on social media, seem to completely adorn (pun intended) people in grand prints, heavy kaam and quite honestly, the need to show how much one can spend on a single outfit. It seems as if behind all the glitter and pearls, no character remains.

Our clothes, sometimes, seem to be wearing us as opposed to us wearing them.

Something as simple as wearing a pair of sneakers with a traditional outfit is the simplest yet most unique and impactful fashion trend that has come out this season. Not only does it elevate the entire outfit, it adds the perfect amount of character.

Of course, as we said, just because something pops up your news feed, it doesn’t mean you need to follow it. That’s the beauty of this trend! In fact, it’s the beauty of any trend. You get to make anything you want out of it.

SO BE BOLD FRIENDS! This wedding season, push the limits of what you’ve been told and do your thing. Love you.

 Source: @KeepingUpWithKhan/@ZaraPeerzada Via: Instagram

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