Pakistanis Are Calling Out Bol TV For Their Nasty Campaign Against Human Rights Activist Jibran Nasir

By Alveena Jadoon | 28 Dec, 2017

Jibran Nasir, a social and human rights activist, recently found himself the target of a hate campaign. The hate campaign was launched by one of the leading TV channels in Pakistan, BOL TV.


Bol TV dedicated an entire program to malign Jibran Nasir and accuse him of committing blasphemy

The special transmission featured a character that the channel labelled as  “Mr Qaum”, who according to them is the authority on such matters, presented his case against Jibran.

Via: Twitter


They accused Jibran of being against the blasphemy law in Pakistan, and the implementation of Islamic laws in the country

The implication was that he is against Pakistan’s “good intentions” because of his critical opinion of the way the criminal justice system of our country has been unjust toward the weak.

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The next accusation was him carrying out campaigns against the judiciary and the army

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And the classic allegation of being supported by the Indians was also thrown in the mix

Via: Twitter

It is almost as if these allegations are not thought through and are merely being made up to endanger the life of the activist.


Jibran Nasir himself took to Twitter to highlight the utterly ingenious act of BOL Network and the deliberate effort to threaten his life

He highlighted his disappointment in the Shahzeb Khan murder case. The fact that our court allowed a murderer, Shahrukh Jatoi, to go free was a cause of concern for him and prompted criticism. Jibran is of the view that this special transmission was an effort to snub him and his effort to raise a voice against the verdict.


Support is pouring in for Jibran Nasir on all social media platforms because people realize how sensitive the matter is and the need for Pakistan to not lose anymore innocent lives based on mere allegations


People are also questioning who the actual face behind a mask making these accusations is


And Bol’s parent company, Axact, is also being dragged into the matter


Some are even suggesting legal action against Bol Network


There is evidence for Bol TV supporting Shahrukh Jatoi as well and people think Jibran’s criticism of Shahrukh Jatoi has led to this allegation against him


Several wished Jibran good luck in his endeavours


The actions of Bol TV carrying out such reckless programming by alleging something so serious against an individual, without any proof, are extremely condemnable

Taking law into their own hands and going around accusing people of blasphemy is extremely irresponsible journalism on their part and an excessive sensationalisation of the matters. Blasphemy is a sensitive topic and sitting on live television, accusing people of it endangers their lives. We have witnessed the result of such actions before. If they do not agree with someone’s views, they need to debate it out. The state has not empowered them to play the role of the justice system in the country. Strict action should be taken against them and PEMRA needs to take notice of this mess before it gets out of hands.

Bol TV should be ashamed of threatening someone’s life like this.


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